Recap: Text or Not to Text – Best Practices for Mobile Numbers

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What are the rules of engagement for mobile numbers?

This is a great question that sales professionals are trying to solve. For years direct-dials were highly sought after and no big deal there. It’s your office phone. You expect to receive work and sales calls to that line.

Yet, in the last year, mobile numbers prevailed as one of the only successful channels for reaching potential buyers over the phone. It still begs the question, when is it appropriate to call or text a more personal number for business communications.

This is exactly what we will be unpacking in our upcoming webinar. Everything from are you in compliance with data privacy to using mobile numbers in manual and automated sales processes. We hope you’ll weigh in on this discussion and share your experiences.


– Why Mobile Numbers are Important
– What gives you ‘the right’?
– Leveraging mobile numbers in manual and automated processes
– Best practices for mobile numbers
– Live Q&A

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