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A Message from our Founder

Building a Direct Line to Your Customers

Not long ago, the majority of a salesperson’s time was spent trying to get past the gatekeeper. They would dial the HQ number (because that’s all they had) and then use all their charm to somehow get forwarded to the right person. It was slow, frustrating and time-consuming. And that’s one of the problems we set out to solve when we created SalesIntel.

At its core, SalesIntel is all about helping businesses connect with their ideal customers. Our top-quality technographic, intent, and other business insights help users to identify companies within their ideal customer profile and total addressable market. Then, our extensive direct contact information including mobile numbers help you to actually reach those prospects. We’re quite proud of our phone quality and coverage and have the highest number of direct-dial and mobile numbers in the industry! You can choose any contact, dial their number and be confident that it will be picked up by the right person.

There is a lot that goes into delivering such high accuracy but I’d like to point out three factors that make SalesIntel better than the rest:

First-party Data Source

Unlike most data providers, we own our data from start to finish. That means we have absolute control over data quality and can precisely regulate every aspect of data coverage and flow. Furthermore, owning our data has an added advantage in legal terms as it allows us to easily comply with data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and others.

Human Verification for Higher Quality

Most data providers, including SalesIntel, use an AI engine to process their data. Yet as most industry experts point out and we vouch from experience, even the best AI-engines can’t push accuracy above 80%. That isn’t good enough for us.

That’s why we deploy an additional layer of human-verification in addition to our patented AI processing to achieve upwards of 95% accuracy. Every direct-dial and mobile number you find in our portal has been manually verified to be accurate and up-to-date. Our researchers make tens of millions of calls every year to check if the numbers are active and belong to the intended person.

Putting in the extra effort and marrying man and machine into a unified process is what makes SalesIntel’s data stand above the rest.

90-day Re-Verification

The problem with data is that it’s always in a state of decay. People switch jobs, titles, and companies open/close locations. So the phone numbers that are accurate today might not be the next month. That’s why we re-verify the contact data every 90 days to ensure our accuracy never falls below the mark.

Building a highly accurate contact database at scale is a really tough job but, given our infrastructure and expertise, we have become quite adept at it. And last year, we tested its limits.

Reaching Prospects Wherever They Are

As the entire world started working remotely, direct dials became pretty much useless overnight. What’s the point of having the right numbers when there were no people in the offices to pick up? That’s when we leveraged our human-verification team to expedite the verification of mobile numbers.

Having a repository of over 189M mobile numbers, we were able to adapt quickly to the needs of the market and our customers to make sure they were still able to reach their prospects. High quality data in high demand at no additional costs to our users, unlike others who used the opportunity to charge a premium for mobile numbers.

SalesIntel is by all measures, a full-funnel solution. You can use it for broad email campaigns, hyper-targeted ABM, retargeting with VistiorIntel, or any of dozens of use cases! Yet, one thing you can always bank on is you will always have a direct line to your prospects. And that’s all a good salesperson ever needs.

Manoj Ramnani

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It’s also no secret that B2B marketers face obstacles when trying to build brand awareness and capture quality leads via the digital ecosystem. Adtech is highly optimized for consumer marketing. Data used for relevant advertising placement is almost exclusively mapped to consumer or personal attributes. But like with most challenges in the marketing world, technology advances to offer a solution. So the upside? There is a solution that is here now, and attainable to any level of marketer: The B2B2C Identity Graph.

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Product Update:

RevDriver Now Allows ALL Users to Export to Their CRM

SalesIntel is pleased to announce the release of a new feature to RevDriver free users, Export to CRM! Now all users have the ability to export their revealed contacts directly to their CRM or email marketing platform.

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ASB Business Services LLC offers business development solutions to a variety of companies in multiple industries! To better support their clients in their outreach, ASB decided to partner with SalesIntel to bring quality data to increase connection rates and power their revenue engines.

Read the full story of how ASB found the ideal solution and registered healthy growth with positive ROI for their clients using SalesIntel.

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