SalesIntel Increases Technographic Data Coverage by 400%

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve increased our technographic data coverage by 400%! 

From 7.1 million technographic data points for 75,000 companies earlier this year to 41 Million technographic data points for over 1.2 million companies available to our users! This update covers 5,744 vendors and 11,000 products. Thanks to our amazing partner HG Insights and our world-class research team, our technographic data maintains the same quality as our contact data, 95% accurate.

Search now to find the companies that specifically use the products or vendors that match your ideal audience. Maybe you want to find companies that use a competitor or you want to only focus on companies that use Salesforce. 

We have a huge assortment of data so you can define, filter, and search exactly the contact data you’d like with the confidence that they are already qualified to be customers.

Not a SalesIntel customer? Try our data now with our Free Chrome Extension.