SalesIntel Academy Releases Prospecting 101 Course

SalesIntel Academy Releases Prospecting 101 Course

June 9, 2022 SalesIntel released Prospecting 101, the first course in SalesIntel Academy. This high-velocity course is ideal for business development representatives to uncover what is needed to be successful in their roles and reach their full potential. 

The comprehensive curriculum of Prospecting 101 will cover critical components of the day-to-day life of a business development representative, including finding decision-makers, overcoming call aversion, mastering your script, and how to always bounce back from buyer objections. Course participants will also have access to valuable support assets that will aid their prospecting efforts.

Through eight modules, business development representatives will access tips for understanding prospects, cold calling, finding decision-makers faster, and more. Whether they need a refresh on a specific topic or could benefit from a prospecting boot camp, Prospecting 101 is an excellent way to invest in their career, skills, and organization.

SalesIntel Academy is a free education platform where individuals can access lessons and strategies that will empower their teams to do more with the B2B data and insights at their fingertips.

“SalesIntel Academy is part of our continued investment in the success of our users and the larger community,” stated Manoj Ramnani, Founder and CEO of SalesIntel. “By providing this valuable information to everyone, at no cost, we enable all teams, big and small, to leverage their data and be successful.” 

SalesIntel is regarded as a provider of quality B2B contact data and company insights. While data is paramount to the success of the individual, team, and company, having accurate information is only a part of the bigger picture. It all comes down to how are you able to leverage that data in executing your go-to-market strategies. Through SalesIntel Academy, users will learn to utilize skills and learn best practices, allowing them to lead the way in efficiency and effectiveness.  

All chapters and modules of Prospecting 101 are available now and free to access. This course will be a wonderful asset to sales professionals in any stage of their careers. Be sure to stay tuned for additional master classes coming to SalesIntel Academy soon. 


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