Find Your People. Build Your Pipeline

Find Your People. Build Your Pipeline

VIRGINIA, ARLINGTON, JANUARY 30th, 2023 — New year, new goals, (re)fresh start. At SalesIntel, we are proud to share a fresh new brand reflecting the next evolution of SalesIntel for our customers and partners! This includes a reimagined company website, upgraded logo, and new tagline as part of the ongoing growth and transformation of the SalesIntel brand.

SalesIntel now collects, processes, and activates more B2B intelligence in the massive US market than anyone in the industry – including 22 million companies profiled by 18,000 technology and firmographic data points and 12,000 real-time buyer intent signals from Bombora. All this deep account intelligence is supported by our database of 90 million email-verified contacts.

Even further, we distinguish ourselves through our world-class customer service team, dedicated to your success. Our data is also backed by a 2,000+ person research-on-demand team surfacing over 14 million decision-makers, guaranteed at 95% accuracy. These assets allow us to replace your current B2B provider, including ZoomInfo, and up-level your data quality, customer service, and provide more value in a tough economy.

Two principles define us: premium quality and responsive customer service. We deliver the most truthful and trustworthy account and contact data available in the US market, wherever you need it in your marketing stack. We enrich this data with extensive technographic and firmographic metadata reflecting the technologies and software used in your preferred industry, as well as the companies and targets who use them. We back our data with immediate assistance, expert advice, and unmatched research-on-demand capacity.

So why now?

We’ve spent the past year up-leveling our data, especially with regard to account information such as technographics and firmographics, and building our end-to-end capabilities more robustly. We are at a new stage in the data position that we hold. Due to the account information that we possess, we’ve reached a new scale of capability with our research-on-demand and human verification, where no one in our industry can compare.

As a result of all this progress, it’s time to uplevel the brand. We’ve reached a point where we want to reflect those product improvements in the brand, the way it looks and appears – a more modern high-end enterprise.

And most important is the new positioning: find your people and build your pipeline.

Finding your people.

When we say find your people, it’s not just about the tactical aspects of the accounts and the decision-makers that you want to sell to. It’s about doing business with a partner that really cares, that’s going to give you customer service and a research on-demand capability that can deliver and fill gaps.

In this market, let’s be honest, there’s a need for a friendlier brand, better customer service, and reasonable contract terms. And we aim to provide that and be authentic about it. So in many ways, we’re going to help you find your people, but we also are your people.

Building your pipeline.

Obviously, building your pipeline is what any B2B provider wants to help you to do, right? It’s extremely difficult to build and close your pipeline efficiently in any economy, much less the challenging one we face today. It’s downright impossible when your B2B intelligence provider is delivering incomplete, poor-quality data with lousy customer service. That’s where we come in.

We help marketing, sales, and RevOps teams deliver up to a 5x improvement in pipeline efficiency within 6 to 9 months. We leverage our comprehensive, quality B2B account and contact data. The actionable data we provide starts with our 225M data points, whether it’s technographics, firmographics, or intent signals, that provide you with the context you need to pursue opportunities, as well as fill gaps that may exist in your CRM.

Our logo perfectly captures both our industry expertise that accelerates so many clients toward their goals and our concern for human relationships. We grow, and we help you grow, but we never leave our humanity behind.

Human, Real, Quality, Growth, Reach.

SalesIntel’s logo signifies these brand values. The references used resulted in a new logo mark with a stronger arrow pointing toward a lodestar and reaching a goal that SalesIntel will help you achieve.

The growth arrow and lodestar are also reminiscent of a human, which serves as a permanent reminder that SalesIntel is committed to unmatched customer service and person-to-person relationships. We never forget that our client is a real person attempting to connect with another real person through our data.

Final Thoughts

We’re so happy to share this refreshed brand with you. This progress matches the evolution we’ve made as a company so far and the growth that happens when we’re #WinningTogether.