SalesIntel Stands Together With Pride

SalesIntel Stands Together With Pride

June is when millions of people all across the US come together to recognize and celebrate the wonderful and diverse spectrum of human sexuality and gender identity. When we as a community and nation recall how far we have come even in the last few years we can agree it is time to honor and support the LGBTQ history, aspirations, and above all, their Pride.

SalesIntel envisions an inclusive society where people from all communities, sexual orientations, and gender identities, are accepted and respected without exception. We have always strived to create a safe, respectful, equal, and inclusive environment that fosters individual freedom, and empowers personal identity to ensure people are celebrated for what they are.

“Not only is SalesIntel an equal opportunity provider but we actively encourage and support people from all communities to join our dynamic team and express themselves”, said Manoj Ramnani, Founder and CEO at SalesIntel.

So let’s celebrate! Let’s hit the parades, picnics, parties, wave the flags, and attend memorials to testify our support and unflinching commitment to the diversity of individual choice and identity.

And of course, as we do that, let’s stand together, with Pride!