B2B Advertising at B2C Scale: SalesIntel Data Now Available In LiveRamp

B2B Advertising at B2C Scale SalesIntel Data Now Available In LiveRamp

In the world of B2B marketing, standing out from the crowd is essential. With a market inundated by noise and competition, finding innovative avenues to reach your B2B audience outside of Linked is a priority.

That’s where we come in – we’re revolutionizing B2B advertising with our latest collaboration with LiveRamp, the leading data collaboration platform. This partnership comes bearing the gift of a remarkable match rate over 95%, effectively bridging the gap in B2B advertising ROI efforts by allowing B2B marketers to advertise at a B2C scale.

Target 70% More B2B Audience In All Top DSPs and DMPS

We’re no stranger to the B2B data industry, boasting a solid 15-year track record of providing ethically sourced and compliant first-party B2B data to some of the biggest global brands. Now, we’re taking it up a notch by making our prized contact and account data accessible through LiveRamp!

We call our new solution AdsIntel. This offering spans both 800 syndicated and custom audiences, marking a big step toward improving B2B advertising with innovative ways to reach B2B audiences in their B2C setting. It bridges a significant gap in B2B advertising ROI efforts and empowers marketers to stand out.

According to Adam Gelles, CEO of The B2B Marketing Company, “It’s a noisy, fragmented, competitive world for B2B marketers. We need new, innovative ways to build a brand, scale our GTM efforts, and break through the competitive clutter.”

Gelles emphasizes that SalesIntel’s precision quality data, when harnessed for B2B ads in unconventional channels, can truly differentiate a brand. “Video and display programmatic advertising has emerged as an excellent vehicle driving reach and frequency for B2C marketers. Now, it’s an option for B2B marketers, too. Targeting them with your B2B ads outside the typical channels using SalesIntel’s precision quality data will set your brand apart from the competition.”

Our integration with the LiveRamp has already delivered remarkable results, including a match rate of over 95% to the LiveRamp graph. “We’re pleased to welcome SalesIntel to the LiveRamp Data Marketplace and help more B2B advertisers maximize the value of their data for endless data collaboration use cases,” a LiveRamp spokesperson commented.

LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace provides simplified access to data from top providers, easily activated across technology and media platforms, agencies, analytics environments, and TV partners. Clients can easily find the right data for their business needs and employ innovative strategies to improve campaign performance.

AdsIntel from SalesIntel – A Brief Buyer’s Guide

AdsIntel from SalesIntel offers the highest quality and most detailed B2B data available in North America. Now available through LiveRamp, AdsIntel offers:

800 Syndicated Audiences:

Leveraging the most extensive and accurate data pool of over 100M+ B2B decision-makers, AdsIntel introduces a spectrum of syndicated audiences primed for targeted engagement.

Data-Rich Audiences:

These audiences are crafted using the robust attributes of 22M+ account firmographics, 18K+ technology installs, and PredictiveIntent. The result? Unparalleled precision in audience targeting.

Custom Segments:

For those seeking tailored approaches, AdsIntel offers the flexibility of custom audience segments upon request, aligning seamlessly with specific advertising objectives.

Enhanced Precision:

The human-verified data furnished by SalesIntel equips advertisers with enhanced targeting accuracy, translating to more meaningful interactions.

Quality Assurance:

Unlike the probabilistic modeled data provided by low-quality providers, SalesIntel’s deterministic audience is backed by proprietary data, ensuring unrivaled reliability.

Vast Platform Compatibility:

AdsIntel isn’t confined to a single platform. It flourishes across all major DSPs and native platforms, including LiveRamp, Semcasting, The Trade Desk, Xandr, Microsoft Invest, and Adobe.


Adhering to GDPR, CCPA, and SOC compliance, AdsIntel grants the peace of mind necessary in the ever-evolving landscape of data regulations.

If you’re ready to harness the power of SalesIntel’s cutting-edge data to take your B2B marketing to new heights, visit AdsIntel.io to learn more and get started today!