Pioneering Go-to-Network

June 04, 20241:00 pm– 2:00 pm EDT

Pioneering Go-to-Network

Go-to-network is the newest experiment for B2B companies, but comes with unique challenges. 

  • Should we work with direct influencers or partners?
  • How can we leverage these networks to their fullest potential? 
  • What does ‘value’ mean to us; brand awareness, shared cost, pipeline, etc.?

Join us for an enlightening discussion where our esteemed panelists will share their insights and experiences, offering valuable perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of go-to-network.

Meet the Presenters


Jason Hasenberg

Community Leader at SalesIntel


Mac Reddin

CEO & Founder at Commsor

Mac Reddin is the Founder and CEO of Commsor, where he’s focused on building the future of GTM – go-to-network. Prior to Commsor he founded a series of bootstrapped startups across gaming, software, and fashion industries.


Mark Kilens

CEO & Co-Founder at Tack

Mark Kilens, CEO and Co-founder of TACK ⛵️, pioneers a People-first GTM model at TACK, a B2B media network, and go-to-market firm. With a mission to humanize business interactions, TACK partners with companies like Commsor, Swoogo, and ZoomInfo, optimizing go-to-market strategies.

Formerly CMO at Airmeet, Mark led global marketing efforts. At Drift, as VP of Content and Community, he managed Drift Insider, a community with 65,000+ members, and led events like FLASH and HYPERGROWTH.

Mark’s journey began at HubSpot, where he helped thousands scale their inbound strategy before founding HubSpot Academy, educating millions and contributing to over $600 million in revenue.

Beyond work, Mark indulges in steak and lobster, golfing, and ocean adventures.

Go fast, take chances!


Kathleen Booth

SVP of Marketing & Growth at Pavilion

Kathleen Booth joined Pavilion as a member in 2019, and later went on to become a founding co-chair of the Washington DC chapter, a Pavilion Ambassador, and today, SVP of Marketing and Growth. In that capacity, she leads marketing and growth for the 10,000+ member global community of go-to-market executives.

Prior to joining Pavilion, Kathleen was founder and CEO of Quintain Marketing, a digital marketing agency. After selling her company and before joining Pavilion, she held marketing leadership roles at VC-backed B2B technology companies including Attila Security,, and Tradeswell and continues to serve as an advisor and fractional CMO to early stage B2B SaaS and Web3 startups. She has been recognized as one of the 50 Top B2B Marketers to Watch by TopRank, and one of 6 Global Marketing Advisors Who Are Rising Stars by USA Today


Melissa Moody

GM at Matcha

Mellissa is a full-stack marketing executive and entrepreneur with a passion for user-first products and a talent for creating clarity from chaos. I believe deeply in finding your focus and going big. 

Currently, I run SaaS startup Gated as CMO & Founder, building a foundation on brand narrative and executing rapidly on multi-channel GTM strategy.

I’ve always been a passionate advocate for fast, frictionless user experiences on the web. Over 14 years at Google, I worked with Fortune 500 Travel companies to build effective cross-channel marketing strategy and create amazing user experiences.

I’m a major advocate of remote work and the benefits it brings for mental health, families, and the earth

I am addicted to product ideation and helping entrepreneurs find product-market fit.