Recap: Intent Data Play: How Any Outbound Team Can Increase Conversion Rates by 200%

Intent Data Play

Bo Hamrick uncovers the pivotal role of intent data in reshaping B2B outbound and management strategies. By harnessing the power of a well-defined Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with intent data, your teams can improve conversion rates significantly.

Bo’s engaging delivery style, coupled with real-world examples, ensures that the audience gains a comprehensive understanding of integrating intent data into their B2B approach. By the end of the presentation, participants are equipped with actionable strategies to amplify their conversion rates and navigate the evolving landscape of B2B engagements with confidence and precision.

  • Intent data play that has generated ROI for multiple B2B organizations.
  • How to systematically structure and read intent data signals
  • Ideas for how to improve inbound outreach processes

Meet the Presenters

Bo Hamrick

Bo Hamrick

Enterprise Director of Business Development at RealFoundations

Bo Hamrick is the Enterprise Director of Business Development at RealFoundations, a global professional services firm focused on helping real estate companies run better.

Bo’s core competencies include new business development, customer relationship management, direct sales, and sales strategy. He is passionate about delivering value to his clients by understanding their pain points, challenges, and opportunities, and providing them with the best software solutions to optimize their operations, performance, and profitability. He is also a published author and a multiple award winner for his sales excellence and leadership.

Chelsea Madden

Chelsea Madden

VP of Customer Success and Partnerships at SalesIntel

Chelsea Madden is the VP of Customer Success and Partnerships at SalesIntel. She is passionate about the customer experience, viewing three areas as the ingredients to customer success: aligned goals, adoption for growth, and constant awareness leveraging data.