Enhancing Sales Precision with Signal-Based Selling

July 17, 20241:00 pm– 2:00 pm EDT

Enhancing Sales Precision with Signal-Based Selling 17-7

Discover how to interpret and act on various sales signals to target the right prospects at the right time, ensuring you maximize your engagement and close more deals. Learn from industry experts as they share actionable insights and real-world examples on leveraging signal-based selling to stay ahead in the competitive B2B sales landscape.

  • Comprehensive understanding of signal-based selling and its impact on sales.
  • Techniques for detecting and interpreting valuable sales signals.
  • Strategies for integrating signal-based insights into your sales workflow.
  • Examples of successful signal-based selling practices from industry leaders.
  • Practical tips for aligning your sales efforts with signal-based approaches to boost success.

Meet the Presenters

Amy Kautz

Amy Kautz

Director of Sales Enablement at SalesIntel

Amy Kautz came to SalesIntel three years ago as an Account Executive and after being an individual contributor, moved into the Sales Enablement role in July of 2022. She is a former English teacher, carried a bag and a quota for 15+ years as a seller and has an MBA with a focus in Marketing so Sales Enablement is a weird mashup of all of the things she has loved throughout her career. In her spare time, Amy is a devoted dog mom, avid home cook and a certified yoga instructor.

saad khan

Saad Khan

Director of Sales at Aligned