About Versium

Versium is a data technology company that operates a powerful B2B2C identity graph which fuels marketing tools and services. Versium uses powerful identity matching to create custom, data enhanced marketing audiences to be used for paid social, display advertising, and direct marketing campaigns – all through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Constantly speaking with marketers to understand their challenges, Versium continuously works to improve its products and services. Versium’s goal is to help marketers increase campaign effectiveness, generate demand and re-engage customers, through easy-to-use data tools.


Use Cases


Online Audience Append

Versium REACH layers on additional identifiers to a known list of targets so that your digital marketing campaigns can find them across all channels. We’ve helped B2B marketers improve online reach of campaigns by as much as 520%.


Account-based Audiences

Maximize the reach to your target accounts. Upload a list of company domains or business email addresses for the organizations most likely to be interested in your products or services. Versium REACH will identify the decision makers and other influencing employees at those businesses, and help you to reach them with your marketing campaigns.


Look-alike Audiences

Discover more of your ideal customers. You already know who your best customers are—Versium REACH can find more just like them. Build a new audience based on a previous high performing list or audience, with a click of a button.


List Insights

Understand who you’re targeting. See a snapshot of your audience, with easy-to-read charts, graphs and other visuals that highlight key demographic or firmographic data such as job titles, gender, age, and revenue. List insights are available for lists you already own, or for any audience built with Versium REACH.

Our partners

We believe in better data, better service, and better accessibility for all our clients. We take pride in partnering with enterprises who help us fulfill our principle of offering data on the terms that best help you fulfill your growth and revenue potential.

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