A Redefined ICP Returns Huge Wins!

Advanced Customer Technologies Customer Story

Customer Background

  • Advanced Computer Technologies provide solutions for every day technology challenges. Their goal is to help clients mitigate risk and be operationally efficient through educating and empowering their teams.
  • IT, Founded: 1983


We talked with David Linardy, VP of Business Development for Advanced Computer Technologies. For a long while, their business struggled  to find the right prospects as a result of poor data quality and an unrefined definition of their ideal customer. Since working with SalesIntel, David says, “[SalesIntel] has more than paid for itself” from the countless times they are dropped right into a client’s buying cycle. The sales team at Advanced Computer Technologies is living proof of what good data can do for an organization.


Before SalesIntel, David’s sales team purchased and uploaded lead lists while attempting to manage  out-of-date contacts out of another provider’s platform. The leadership at David’s organization was also reevaluating its current strategy to determine if it still provided the results needed to scale. A rediscovery and new definition of their Ideal Customer Profile, ICP, was in order.


David says, “SalesIntel was the “catalyst” for defining their ICP and asking the right questions introspectively to see where the business was truly most successful.” Once their priorities and strategies began to shift in this new partnership, the results were instant! 

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Right away, SalesIntel proved to be the solution they needed. Quality account and contact data put them ahead of the game with emails and phone numbers of valuable prospects. They had fewer bounced emails and more successful campaigns. And with buyer intent, they were able to win more business. When reaching out to prospects they identified with intent, the sales team would often hear, “It’s really funny you should call”, because everyone they were talking to was actively in the market for their solution!

  • Increased revenue and retention
  • Re-defined Ideal Customer Profile
  • Increased confidence when engaging with prospects


Advanced Computer Technologies has seen many improvements to its sales efficiencies in the past year. Some of those include –

  • Selling directly to the right contacts
  • Uniquely tailored email and phone scripts
  • Persona focused prospecting

Their sales team can now work more efficiently and operate with greater success.


SalesIntel is a game changer for David’s sales team. They feel more empowered and confident in everything that they do. Now, they can be the true partner they want to be to their clients, fostering relationships and focusing on their ICP!