How Professional Sports Teams Leverage SalesIntel for the Win

How Professional Sports Teams Leverage SalesIntel for the Win

Company Background

Whether purchasing brand sponsorships, hosting corporate events, attending industry nights, or purchasing season tickets as bonus incentives, professional sports teams drive a significant portion of their revenue through partnerships with local companies. Given their location-specific nature and fanbase, professional sports teams, rely heavily on accurate firmographic data to power their sales and marketing strategies.


After purchasing firmographic data from ZoomInfo, a professional sports association noticed significant inaccuracies and quality concerns within the company records, which could have spelled disaster when launching a campaign.


Firmographic data: 

To drive more corporate business, the professional sports association tapped into SalesIntel’s accurate firmographic dataset to engage companies headquartered in their local metropolitan area. The sports team launched targeted campaigns highlighting the benefits of purchasing suites, boxes, and season tickets as company perks. The team also reminded local businesses of the importance of hosting events and retreats at their stadium. 

Intent data: 

Recently, the sports association has also started to apply intent data to their location-specific campaigns to identify when companies in their area are showing increased interest in topics around employee retreats, stadium suites, or corporate sponsorships. This allows the sports team to laser-focus their outreach efforts precisely when companies are looking for partnership opportunities. 

Contact data:

Additionally, the sports association has leaned on SalesIntel’s robust contact database and custom research to match nearly 20% of personal email addresses from previous ticket purchases to company profiles and enrich its existing CRM data. 

Personalized Support: 

Due to professional sports’ unique business model and the complexity of their use case, SalesIntel offered personalized support resources, incorporating monthly strategy calls to develop forward-thinking tactics for utilizing their data more effectively and ensuring they gain maximum value from their investment. 


By partnering with SalesIntel, the professional sports association has closed multiple large-scale deals with enterprise companies. Additionally, the team has built laser-focused campaigns focusing specifically on companies within their metropolitan area – knowing they have a data provider they can count on. 

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Looking Ahead

With the incredible success of the partnership, the professional sports association is exploring additional ways to leverage SalesIntel solutions. Soon, the sports association will have access to VisitorIntel to see what companies are visiting sponsorship and suite pages on its website. Taking this next step will allow the sports team to optimize its outreach and continuously refine its sales and marketing strategies.