The Monthly Intel: Want to Succeed at ABM? Use Intent Data Now!

The Monthly Intel: Want to Succeed at ABM? Use Intent Data Now!

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Want to Succeed at ABM? Use Intent Data Now!

If you’re only using traditional methods, sales and marketing cycles can take a long time. It takes several calls to reach a decision-maker, 5-8 touches to book one meeting, and potentially multiple meetings to win a deal. Not precisely but you get the gist. That’s why even the best sales and marketing leaders are ecstatic to have even a 6% close/win rate.

Long sales/marketing cycles are one of the reasons businesses have rushed to strategies like Account-based Marketing (ABM). The ability to deliver higher win rates by concentrating the time and resources on fewer ideal-fit accounts yields better, faster results.

The ABM process itself is relatively simple:

  1. Build a target list of accounts based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  2. Identify the decision-makers to build persona-based target lists
  3. Create custom messaging for said personas
  4. Select your marketing channels
  5. Start your outreach

There is, however, one crucial piece missing here – the buying signals!

Statistically speaking, only around 10% of buyers are either actively buying or intend to buy at any particular time. So if you have a target list of 100 accounts, 10 of them represent immediate opportunities. But the question is, which 10? That’s where intent data comes into the picture.

If you know what a company is searching for, you can reasonably predict what they are looking to buy. That’s exactly what intent data delivers. Thousands of topics related to various products and services are actively monitored to check which companies are interested in which topics. The more a company researches on any particular topic, the more likely they are to make purchases in that category. So if a company matches your ICP and is also actively searching for topics related to your product category, they are your most immediate opportunities and should be prioritized above other leads.

In simplest terms, intent data represents the buying behavior of any company. For instance, if a company is looking to buy a new CRM solution, they will be actively searching for CRM-related queries like best CRM, its pricing, etc. This data helps you identify those 10% active buyers and by extension, focus on opportunities most likely to convert.

After all, the core philosophy of Account-based marketing is to go after qualified accounts but it’s of little use if those accounts aren’t looking to buy. Targeting the right personas at the wrong time is one of the many reasons many businesses fail at ABM. They take all the right steps but fail to add the final ingredient, timing from buying signals!

The ultimate purpose of all sales and marketing efforts is to win deals. For that you happen:

  1. You have to find and connect with buyers that you believe might be interested in your solution
  2. The buyers actually have to be interested in your solution

ABM is excellent at executing the first step but that isn’t enough. It is intent data that shows you the path to the second step. Add both and you are guaranteed to find more opportunities and win more deals. That’s the perfect ingredient to excel at ABM.

Manoj Ramnani

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