The Monthly Intel: VisitorIntel – Our Secret Sauce to ABM Success

The Monthly Intel: VisitorIntel – Our Secret Sauce to ABM Success

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VisitorIntel: Our Secret Sauce to ABM Success

Most B2B companies today have some level of an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. Depending on their market size and available resources, some target thousands of accounts powered by a dedicated ABM platform and omnichannel outreach while others manually build lists and primarily rely on email and social channels.

But no matter the scale, the fundamental structure of all ABM campaigns remain the same with these 4 stages:

  1. Identify accounts: It includes compiling a list of companies matching your ICP which takes into account factors such as industry, revenue, geography, headcount, technographic {where applicable}, expected deal size, etc.
  2. Build persona lists: Next, you create persona-based and department-based target lists of prospects from those accounts.
  3. Create custom messaging/resources: You create value-added resources and custom messaging to resonate with specific personas and departments.
  4. Omnichannel outreach: Finally, you start outreach through traditional channels like emails, calls, and events while using social media, paid ads, etc. as air cover.

Sounds straightforward, right? Then why are some companies more successful at ABM than others? After all, if you have a good data source and a decent marketing team, building lists and custom messaging shouldn’t be a problem. Then what differentiates successful ABM campaigns from the rest?

Here is a hint – sales cycles are long and at any point in time, not more than 10% of consumers are at the buying stage. That means if you build a list of 100 accounts, only 10 of them are looking to buy immediately. Do you see the problem?

Timing and retargeting are what successful ABM campaigns have in common. Rather than targeting accounts, they want to sell, they target accounts ready to buy.

Now the obvious question is, how do you know which accounts are ready to buy? For starters, there are buying signals and intent data. They tell you what kind of products and services buyers are actively looking for. But that only reveals the general behavior. To recognize that 10% – of the buyers actually interested in YOUR products and services, you have to go deeper.

Enter VisitorIntel

Consider this – If 5 people from a company visited your website in the last week and that company matches your ICP, what does it indicate? Even if none of them filled out any form, wouldn’t you consider them to be a qualified account?

In fact, isn’t that account more qualified than those in your cold lists? And finally, if you targeted these accounts with custom messaging across different channels, wouldn’t it yield better results? That’s precisely our secret sauce!

With VisitorIntel, you can:

Identify companies visiting your website
Validate them against your ICP
Build accurate buyer persona lists
Start targeted outreach

With this approach, you take the guesswork out of your campaigns because every account you target is looking to buy and thus can achieve much higher conversion rates. And that’s how you succeed at ABM every single time.

Request a live personalized demo to see the above process in action!

Manoj Ramnani

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VisitorIntel: The Secret to ABM Success

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