The Monthly Intel – The Alternative is Better Than You Think

The Monthly Intel – The Alternative is Better Than You Think

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A Message from our Founder

The Alternative is Better Than You Think

Earlier this month, one of the most popular companies in our industry went public. While it brought good news for us on many levels, there was one particular point I felt was contradictory. The company throughout stated that they rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to collect and process their data with high accuracy. Sounds impressive, right? Except AI and accuracy don’t go hand-in-hand, particularly in the B2B data industry.

Let me explain, machines are exceptionally good at collecting data from numerous sources and segregating and storing them accordingly in their database. Even at the cleansing stage, they do a decent job with syntactical errors, but where it starts to falter is when it comes to semantics.

Suppose it finds 4 phone numbers or, even more complicated, 4 positions and titles, for the same contact, no AI engine today can tell which one of them is currently in use. It has to be verified by humans by way of calling and confirming those numbers. I have been in the data industry for more than a decade. I have seen these systems evolve. Even the best AI engines today have a hard time delivering accuracies above say, 80%, which isn’t good-enough for most targeted sales and marketing efforts. For some use cases such as a Digital Advertisement, you can potentially get away with suboptimal data as there is no precise attribution as to who saw your ad.

That is why we at SalesIntel, have built a two-layered system where data is first cleansed and processed by our AI engine and then passed on to our team of human researchers. It is through this approach that enables us to guarantee at least 95% accuracy on our data sets.

At this point, some may say that their AI engine is better than yours. But here’s the thing, take Facebook, for example, they have all the expertise and resources in the world. They’re on the bleeding edge of AI and ML, and yet they employ over 15,000 humans to review content on their platform as their AI-enabled bots simply aren’t up to the task.

If you’re not convinced, I personally invite you to a SalesIntel free trial and compare our data with your current vendor.

The point I’m trying to make is that if a company claims to offer accurate data over 80% using AI, they are trying to do one of the two things – they’re simply overstating their capabilities or are misleading the market. None of which serves you as a customer.

You as the consumer have a choice to call their bluff and opt for a better service. And if you are worried that switching your data partner might be messy and lead to lost productivity, we at SalesIntel ensure that we make it as simple as flipping a switch.

Manoj Ramnani

Upcoming Events:

WEBINAR: Higher Education is in Trouble, But EdTech Can Save It!

Let’s face it, the spotlight is on the Sales team now more than ever and with so much focus, why is it that some sales teams flourish while others flounder. Is it the leader? is it the team? As a true sales leader, it is your number one responsibility to drive performance through your team, but what is most important?

Conventional wisdom dictates that you need to get people with the right KSACs – knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies. So, CEOs and sales leaders search high and low for people with the right degrees, the right qualifications, the right industry knowledge and the right set of experiences. But, spotting and attracting people with the right pedigree is a Sisyphean challenge.

Fortunately, there are better predictors of on-the-job success that zero in on what matters most, how people think and work.

In this webinar, you will learn:

– A more holistic approach to evaluating job/team fit
– How to use data and science to understand what drives your employees
– How to replicate the attributes of top performers on your team
– Simple tactics that all managers can use to improve coaching effectiveness and team dynamics

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WEBINAR: Do more, with less: Learn how to fuel your sales pipeline using Intent data

In a world where sales needs to do more with less – time, money, attention – Intent data gives insight into where to focus effort and invest in activity.

Join Mike Burton (Bombora) and Jason Hubbard (SalesIntel) who will deep dive into all things Intent data. They will cover what it is;  how it works; and most importantly, share how you can use Intent data in SalesIntel to fuel your sales intelligence and drive pipeline growth.

Blow through your Q3 targets! Sign up and learn how to find hundreds of existing prospects and new target accounts that want to hear from you.

In this webinar we’ll take a deep dive into Intent Data:

  • What is in Intent Data?
  • Why is it important?
  • Intent Data Types
  • Company Surge® data how it works
  • Specific Use Cases

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Product Update

Export SalesIntel’s Company Data to Salesforce

We are thrilled to announce the latest feature update to SalesIntel, Export Company Data to Salesforce!

The ability to export only company data is a great addition to customers using Account-based Marketing and Account-based Selling models. With our improved export speeds, getting all the information you need about your target accounts into Salesforce has never been easier.

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Customer Success

Inspirata: Building Sales Pipeline at Lower Cost

Creating a consistent, healthy sales pipeline that consistently delivers quality leads is a real challenge for a lot of companies.

Inspirata, a MedTech company, wanted a better way of accessing contact data to find new prospects to build their pipeline without using an extremely expensive solution. Then, they found their solution, SalesIntel!

Read the full story of how Inspirata’s team found a perfect combination of high-quality data at lower cost using SalesIntel and created a healthier sales pipeline.

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Industry News:

Finding the Best ZoomInfo Alternative: SalesIntel

SalesIntel has emerged as the best alternative for customers who want a product like ZoomInfo but without any of its shortcomings.In this article we make a head-to-head comparison between ZoomInfo and SalesIntel on various benchmarks to see which one of them comes out on top. If you’re looking for a better quality product and customer service, then SalesIntel is the right fit for your organization.

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