The Monthly Intel: Take That Leap of Faith. It is Worth It

The Monthly Intel: Take That Leap of Faith. It is Worth It

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A Message from our Founder

Take That Leap of Faith. It is Worth It

The years 1989 and 1990 are considered a watershed moment in the marketing world. There were a series of experiments that unraveled numerous consumer biases. One of which discovered that consumers value the products they already own more than equally good alternatives – endowment effect, as they call it. As odd as it may sound, consumers will buy a worse product if they have heard of the brand before. Also, and most interestingly, for them to consider switching to a new product, the alternative should at least offer 2X more value, or else they will stick to the status quo {that’s why 50% off is so appealing}. In short, customers do not always make rational decisions based on quality as they might believe.

Now, that’s bad news for startups. We like to believe that you can beat the competition if you simply build a better product and provide great service but obviously, that isn’t enough. You need more. You need people to trust you and overcome their biases to see your true value.

SalesIntel, for its part, has faced the worst of two worlds. First, we face a formidable competitor with significant brand recognition, and second, we serve a very crucial product category. Businesses might experiment in smaller matters, but when their pipeline and revenue are on the line, they simply do not want to take any risks. And changing the status quo is always perceived as a risk.

That’s the reason early adopters are so critical for any business. They go against conventional wisdom to choose a new product. Of course, they get better value in return but it’s the rational act of choice that matters the most.

Of the hundreds of customers we have, most have consciously made that choice. Going with a two-year-old startup over a multi-billion dollar valued public company is always a risk, but they did it anyway because they believed in us, and for that, I will always be grateful. They are essentially the ones who kickstarted our growth and made us the brand we are.

Yes, we deliver much more value than any of our competitors {both in terms of price point and quality} but customers have to leave their status quo, take the risk and have enough trust in us to take that leap of faith.

Long story short, thank you to everyone who’s believed us. I know it must not have been an easy choice, and we are so grateful and gracious about it. We will continue to deliver on our promises, and rest assured that you will always have the best product, the best service, and the best value on the market.

Manoj Ramnani

Upcoming Events:

How to Book Qualified Sales Meetings Outside Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool for building a professional network and identifying new targets to prospect to. However, to fully leverage the power of LinkedIn there are tips and tricks you have to follow.

In this webinar we will show you how to:

  • Stand out with a unique headline to cut above the noise
  • Perform a granular search of your ICP
  • Learn how to properly research profiles
  • Create cadences for outreach.

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How to Book Qualified Sales Meetings Outside Your LinkedIn Network

Prospects and leads don’t convert into clients overnight — they need time to self-educate and gain faith in a brand. By creating a data-backed marketing strategy you’ll be setting yourself up for success in 2021.

In this webinar, marketing expert Jason Hubbard will cover everything from the essentials to create systematic lead nurturing and engagement systems to specific data types and strategies you’ll need to reach your goals in 2021.

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Product Update:

SalesIntel Launches Preview File for Smarter Exporting

SalesIntel is pleased to announce the release of a new product feature that will further enable our clients to identify and access the contacts that are most relevant to their sales and marketing operations: Preview File.

Data Update

350,000 Net New InfoSec Contacts Added to SalesIntel’s Portal

We are excited to share that we added 350,000 human-verified, InfoSec contacts with high valued titles into the portal!

This sprint is a part of our continued effort to maintain our data accuracy and bring our clients the data they need. SalesIntel’s database now includes:

  • 91% coverage of CISOs and Heads of Information Security at the companies that invest most in B2B products and services in the United States
  • 89% coverage of Information Security decision makers and key influencers from all levels of management in the United States
  • Increased coverage of DevOps and Cloud decision makers titles in the United States

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Event Recap:

How to Drive a 27% Reply Rate from Cold Outreach Using Data and Automation

With all of this noise, getting a hold of prospective customers is very challenging. On average, it takes 9 touches to get a hold of a prospective customer, an increase of two touches from just a few years ago, a number that continues to increase over time.

On this webinar, you’ll learn how to craft thoughtful outreach sequences that look and feel manually written although they are automated. You’ll also learn the basic framework of a set of proven sequences sellers need to run an effective sales process, ensuring that every lead is followed up on. Sequences allow your team to improve your revenue numbers without hiring additional sellers. In most cases, up to 30% of a sales process can be automated, which helps your sales reps focus on high-value activities like closing deals instead of sending follow up emails.

The presenter Gregg Anderson at one point was sending 50,000 LinkedIn messages per month and a quarter-million emails per month across his client base at his former company. He will be presenting best practices and key learnings from his experience.

Session Takeaways:

  • Basic Overview of Sequences
  • The Three Pillars of Cold Outreach
  • The Sequence Usage Playbook
  • Optional Tech Add-ons

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