The Monthly Intel: SalesIntel’s Mission and Vision

The Monthly Intel: SalesIntel’s Mission and Vision

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A Message from our Founder

Why do we do what we do?

A single question that has multiple answers for every business. However, the answer to this question sets your foundation. It creates a vision and a roadmap towards your mission.

Every business goes through a roller coaster ride while making its way from a startup to a million-dollar company. However, what holds the key is the pace at which your business grows. Not every business can set the pace due to a lack of resources, strategy, or other limitations.

We want to be the catalyst for our clients that accelerates their business growth. 

To accelerate our customer’s business growth, we focused on the basics. According to the acceleration formula,

Acceleration = velocity (i.e. speed)/ Time

So, we primarily focused on boosting the sales process and saving the time spent collecting and verifying data.

We have been successful so far and are still growing stronger and stronger. So, how does SalesIntel help its clients take off?

We Want Our Clients to Lead…

We want our clients to lead without struggling for their own leads.

The past trend for data providers was to use machine learning and automation to build as big of a database as possible. However, the problem was that data was usually never more than 80% accurate. As a result, businesses had to struggle to generate leads even if they buy data.

We have taken a different approach.

Every single record we offer has been hand-verified by our team of researchers. Additionally, we reverify records every 90 days to ensure that data accuracy remains as high as 95%. This approach has helped our clients across industries to:

Widen Outreach with Accurate Data

Businesses often have to choose between Data Quality and Data Quantity. Data quality enables the marketers and sales reps to perform the most effective outreach, with targeted content, to the correct decision-makers that are ready to buy.

On the other hand, data quantity opens up the field for more opportunities to produce more leads and establish a larger pipeline. We realize how important it is for our customers to have both accuracy and quantity.

With a strong approach to solving the dilemma of quality or quantity, SalesIntel has been helping businesses widen the outreach using human-verified data.

When it comes to quantity, businesses can identify and contact millions of decision-makers in B2B industries such as IT, education, finance and banking, recruitment, professional services, and more. SaleIntel also provides technographic, firmographic, and buyer intent data that may be used to filter organizations based on the technologies they employ, their size, location, and their buying intent signals, among other things.

Many data providers offer machine-verified data or employ algorithms for predicting contact information based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. For example, they may presume that an email pattern like applies to the entire organization and will apply this rule to all employees’ emails without checking the data on a per-employee basis.

To maintain the greatest degree of trustworthiness, SalesIntel goes the additional mile and runs all of our data through the human verification process before publishing it to our portal, and the data is re-verified every 90 days. We believe in providing data that boost business growth.

Save Time for Sales Reps to Focus on Selling

As they say – A penny saved is a penny earned. Similarly, hours our customers save from no longer collecting data and chasing unqualified leads are the hours they gain for nurturing leads and booking demos.

By definition, the primary task of a sales representative is to sell. All other operations are supported by the revenue they create. Every minute they don’t sell, on the other hand, represents a potential income loss for the corporation.

Given its crucial relevance, it’s only natural that sales managers would make the most of their time by increasing the amount of time their people spend selling. However, a SalesFunnel study of over 700 sales reps found that over two-thirds of their time (64.8%) is spent on non-revenue producing activities.

SalesIntel removes the three biggest time killers:

Adding Prospects to a CRM:

Despite massive automation in the spheres of sales and marketing, lots of work is still carried out by hand. Businesses frequently purchase contact lists for their sales staff to prospect, which they must manually add into their CRM. Given that sales professionals may have hundreds of such contacts each day, they frequently blame CRM usage. The issue here isn’t with CRM; it’s with manual entry, which creates a bottleneck.

SalesIntel not only brings data accuracy and completeness but also automates the list building process. The best part – our customers can export the data from SalesIntel directly to their CRM.

Data Research:

Finding the right contacts for prospecting is another area where SDRs waste a substantial amount of time. They could spend hours looking for someone’s contact information.

SalesIntel cuts down the manual work and gives our customers access to millions of human-verified data in a few clicks. Going beyond the contact details, they can filter their data based on technographic, firmographic, and buyer intent data.

Making Futile Calls

Even when an SDR has identified an ideal prospect, getting in touch with them can be difficult. Emails may go unanswered, and phone calls may be rejected by the gatekeeper. Useless phone calls are considered one of the biggest hurdles for sales reps. According to studies, a direct-dial phone number is 46% more likely to connect an SDR. Because most data providers do not give direct dialing, the majority of SDR calls go unanswered.

SalesIntel allows its customers to connect directly with the decision-maker using the direct work mobile dials. The best part – there’s no extra charge for the work mobile numbers.

Attain Better Email Deliverability and Reach

Deliverability isn’t something that happens by chance. Relevance, data security, content, and the correct technology configuration are all important considerations for email deliverability. The list could go on and on. If you have a higher-than-average bounce rate or just want to lower your percentage for better outcomes, data hygiene is the key.

Email marketing is an excellent way to get leads. Given that data decays every 12-14 months, you must maintain data hygiene to ensure that your email campaign efforts are as successful as possible. However, it does require that sales reps devote their valuable time and effort to re-verifying the data. On the other side, you lose the competition and raise the cost-per-hour of your sales team.

By re-verifying our data every 90 days, SalesIntel assures high accuracy and prevents data degradation. Our goal is to assist our clients in maintaining excellent email deliverability and low bounce rates.

Unmask and Chase Companies Visiting Your Site

You have a lot of website traffic, but you have no idea who your visitors are. No one is filling out forms, but they are browsing the site and appear to be interested. You’re dissatisfied because you can’t convert your website visitors into sales leads.

According to Marketo, 96% of website visitors may not contact you. Marketers usually concentrate on the 4% of visitors who opt-in or register on their website. It takes a lot of effort and money to get that number up to 5 or 6 percent. However, teams are overlooking the other 96% of visitors who, depending on their interest in your site, have the potential to become customers.

We don’t want our customers to lose an opportunity as huge as 96% of their website traffic. And hence we help them to fix their leaky sales funnel using VisitorIntel.

Many companies rely on Google Analytics, which indicates how many visitors visited a specific page as well as some basic demographic information. However, it is raw traffic data, and it frequently contains details that are listed as unknown. Google doesn’t inform you whether the visits are spam or large potential customers who need a little nudge to buy. So, we go beyond the raw data for our clients.

VisitorIntel allows our customers to identify and reach the decision-makers and core influencers in organizations that have recently visited their website. They get access to industry-leading direct dials and mobile phone numbers right away, saving salespeople hours. Using SalesIntel data filters you can then create in-depth profiles of the kind of companies that visit the website and identify the net new “look-alike” opportunities.

Improves Dial-to-Connect Ratio (DCR)

As previously stated, sales reps encounter various hurdles when it comes to getting decision-makers on the phone. Dialing prospects’ direct numbers, particularly work mobile numbers, has been shown to produce significantly better outcomes. Our customer might have been losing productivity if their sales team was wasting time dialing switchboards and HQ general numbers that don’t result in connections or conversations. As a result, it becomes critical to provide them with phone numbers that have the best dial-to-connect ratio.

To test the dial connect ratio, ScaleX phoned 100 random numbers from SalesIntel. Sales reps are 7x more likely to reach prospects using SalesIntel work mobile numbers than switchboards or even direct desk phones. Even better, unlike some publicly traded data companies, SalesIntel includes access to work mobile numbers as part of every membership, whereas some companies charge extra for data sets like mobile numbers.

The list doesn’t stop here, there’s more to it. Data is merely one facet of our story. It is our shared values and grit that’s fueled our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and their business growth.

… Because Results Matter

SalesIntel fosters the passion for exceeding expectations, be it our team or our product. We strive to delight our clients with substantially better quality and services to assist them in achieving success in their sales and marketing operations.

We believe our success ultimately depends on our clients’ success. This might sound like a sugar-coated statement, but it’s the truth.

We are not perfect, and we don’t pretend to be. Our continued growth makes us better and sharper every day. The more you focus your prospecting lens, the more deals you close. That’s what we are doing for our clients and that underlines the core of SalesIntel: Results Matter.

Manoj Ramnani

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