SalesIntel’s Accurate B2B Database Is Now Accessible To EVERYONE. Start Your Free Trial Today

SalesIntel’s Accurate B2B Database Is Now Accessible To EVERYONE. Start Your Free Trial Today

B2B data is a strategic asset, providing valuable insights into target markets, customer behavior, and industry trends. It allows organizations to identify and prioritize high-potential prospects, personalize their marketing efforts, and make data-driven decisions. With the increasing availability of data sources and advanced analytics tools, businesses can harness the power of B2B data to enhance their competitiveness, optimize operational efficiencies, and stay ahead of the curve.

As the demand for actionable insights rises, B2B data has become an indispensable asset for businesses striving for growth and sustainable success. 

Having an accurate B2B database is crucial for the success of any business. It forms the foundation of effective sales and marketing strategies, enabling organizations to target the right audience, engage with decision-makers, and drive meaningful conversations. A reliable and up-to-date database empowers businesses to make informed decisions, personalize their outreach, and maximize their conversion rates. 

You need access to quality human-verified data, and SalesIntel is there for you. 

Our comprehensive and meticulously verified database provides you with the confidence and accuracy necessary to reach the right prospects and unlock new opportunities for your business. 

Let’s dive deeper into the SalesIntel journey from ‘Why?’ to ‘Why Not!’

Top 10 Reasons – From ‘Why SalesIntel?’ to ‘Why Not!’

SalesIntel has emerged as a top choice for businesses looking for the best B2B database provider. We are a viable, and frequently preferable, alternative to other well-known tools like ZoomInfo, Seamless, and Congism.

Here are the top 10 reasons why people are switching to SalesIntel:

Extensive company coverage: 

SalesIntel offers access to a database of over 22 million accounts. Our comprehensive coverage ensures that users can find relevant information for decision-makers in a wide range of businesses.

Proprietary and accurate technographic data: 

SalesIntel provides proprietary technographic data on companies, allowing users to understand the technologies and tools used by different businesses. This data can be exported to users’ databases for further analysis and targeting.

Unlimited data access: 

Unlike many other data providers that rely on data credits, SalesIntel offers unlimited data access to its users. Unlimited data access provides flexibility and ensures that sales and marketing teams can access the data they need without any restrictions.

Data on Buying Intent: 

SalesIntel includes data on buying intent, covering over 12,000 topics. Buying intent data helps sales teams identify potential prospects who are actively interested in specific products or services.

Human-verified contacts: 

With over 18 million human-verified contacts, SalesIntel ensures the accuracy and reliability of its contact information. Our verification process reduces the chances of encountering outdated or incorrect data when reaching out to prospects.

Data verification and maintenance: 

SalesIntel has a dedicated team of over 2000 researchers who continually re-verify account and contact data. Additionally, the company conducts a comprehensive data re-verification process every 90 days to maintain high levels of accuracy.

CRM automation and data enrichment: 

SalesIntel offers CRM automation features that enable users to export data directly into their customer relationship management (CRM) systems. It also provides automatic and manual data enrichment functionality, ensuring users have up-to-date and enriched data within their CRM platforms.

RevDriver Chrome Extension: 

SalesIntel offers a free Chrome extension, RevDriver, which allows real-time prospecting directly within the Chrome browser. This convenient tool enhances efficiency and streamlines the prospecting process.

Auto-renewal best practices: 

SalesIntel follows auto-renewal best practices, setting itself apart from other providers like ZoomInfo. Our customer-first approach ensures transparency and avoids unexpected renewal charges for users.

Research on Demand service: 

SalesIntel provides a Research on Demand service that is considered one of the best in the industry. This service allows users to request specific research or data points, helping them gather tailored information for their sales and marketing strategies that weren’t already immediately available.

You Can Count On Our Data Quality

To be useful, the data you acquire must be relevant to your specific needs. While obtaining a vast amount of data may seem valuable actually having the mobile phone number of the CEO will initiate a productive sales conversation. Knowing the email for everyone at the company won’t produce results.

Cluttering your sales and marketing processes with low-quality data, incomplete information, or frequently encountering contact records with no data at all will only waste your time and money, without contributing to the development of a successful business pipeline.

At SalesIntel, we define “quality data” as contacts that align with your ideal customer profile (ICP), providing you with up-to-date and accurate information. Our data is verified by humans and boasts up to 95% accuracy rate, ensuring that the decision-makers you connect with are reliable. We have developed actionable data using our modern and user-friendly Technographic taxonomy for account data, which has become the industry standard from 2023 onward. Additionally, we offer actionable company insights through intent data, enabling you to identify when your ICP is actively seeking solutions in the market.

Unlike most data providers, we own our data from start to finish. That means we have a higher level of control over data quality and can precisely regulate every aspect of data coverage and flow. Furthermore, owning our data has an added advantage in legal terms as it allows us to easily comply with data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and others.

Try Before You Buy Your B2B Database

Trying a B2B database before purchasing is crucial for several reasons. 

First, a trial period allows you to evaluate the quality and relevance of the data to your specific business needs. By experiencing the data firsthand, you can assess its accuracy, completeness, and alignment with your ideal customer profile (ICP). Your trial ensures that you invest in data that will benefit your sales and marketing efforts rather than wasting resources on irrelevant or unreliable information.

SalesIntel recognizes the significance of trying data before committing to a purchase. That’s why we offer a 14-day risk-free trial, allowing you to explore the features and benefits of our data firsthand. During this trial period, you will have access to a range of powerful features designed to enhance your sales and marketing activities.

Here are the features loaded into your 14-day free trial:

  1. RevDriver+ Chrome Extension: 

This convenient extension provides valuable sales intelligence directly within your browser, enabling you to gather essential information on prospects and companies effortlessly.

  1. Export credits: 

You will receive 50 export credits during the trial, allowing you to export relevant data in a format that suits your needs.

  1. Research on Demand credits: 

With 5 research on-demand credits, you can request specific information that may not be readily available in our database, ensuring you have comprehensive data for your sales and marketing campaigns.

  1. Human-verified emails: 

Our team verifies email addresses, ensuring their accuracy and increasing your chances of reaching decision-makers effectively.

  1. Human-verified mobile numbers: 

We provide verified mobile numbers, enabling you to connect with prospects through their preferred communication channel.

  1. Human-verified account firmographics: 

Accurate firmographic data helps you understand your target companies, allowing you to tailor your approach, segments, and messaging accordingly.

  1. Account technographics: 

Our advanced technographic data provides insights into the technologies used by target accounts, helping you personalize your outreach and highlight relevant solutions.

  1. Company news: 

Stay updated with the latest news and developments regarding your target companies, allowing you to engage in meaningful conversations and identify opportunities.

  1. Intent topics, powered by Bombora: 

Our integration with Bombora empowers you with intent data, enabling you to identify when prospects display an active interest in specific topics related to your offerings.

  1. Export to CSV: Easily export data to CSV format to seamlessly integrate your existing systems and workflows.
  2. Export to CRM or marketing automation platform: Effortlessly export data to your CRM or marketing automation platform, ensuring smooth data transfer and streamlined operations.

By offering these comprehensive features in our 14-day risk-free trial, SalesIntel aims to provide you with the opportunity to experience the power and effectiveness of our data. We want to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals.