SalesIntel Inc. Announces An Updated Version Of Their Free Chrome Extension, RevDriver

SalesIntel Inc. Announces An Updated Version Of Their Free Chrome Extension, RevDriver

Finding decision makers and direct contact information is even easier with the newest version of RevDriver!

Arlington, VA, September 15, 2020: Today SalesIntel Inc. announced an updated version of their free Chrome extension, RevDriver. The newest version of RevDriver includes a credit counter to help users track their number of reveals and updated premium features for paid users such as requesting research on demand for contacts. In addition, the new UI is more intuitive and user friendly so you can get your sales and marketing users up and running right away.

  • Less Time Spent Prospecting: When sales reps are prospecting, there’s a ton of time lost going from website to website attempting to gather information on who you need to contact AND attempting to find that person’s information. With RevDriver your teams will save time by having all the info they need at their fingertips.
  • Finding Decision Makers for Targeted Accounts: Identifying a decision maker as well as key influencers along with contact information is a big task. Most companies don’t have a directory of employees on their website, and even if they do it’s quite possible that list is out of date. With RevDriver users can go to any company website and refine their search by department, title, results direct phone numbers and more!
  • Account Research/Preparation: It’s not uncommon for many sales reps to gather as much information on their prospects as possible prior to a demo. Learning things like firmographics can be a challenge. With this new release, our premium users will be able to view company information directly in the RevDriver app making pre-call prep easy!
  • Keeping Track of Advocates: When a previous user of your product or service switches companies RevDriver can help you keep in touch with them. Having a previous product/service advocate give you a warm intro to their new decision maker is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door!

“This update is a huge time savings opportunity for sales and marketing teams using SalesIntel’s RevDriver chrome extension for their prospecting needs, stated SalesIntel CEO and Founder – Manoj Ramnani. Which in turn will help drive new revenue for those organizations!”

Message for Our Current Users:

Premium users will continue to have unlimited contact reveals, be able to submit research-on-demand requests for specific contacts and be able to bulk export SalesIntel contact information while on LinkedIn, irrespective of whether you are connected with them or not, directly into your CRM or email marketing platform.

The free version of RevDriver will allow users to reveal direct dial phone numbers, verified emails and other information for 25 contacts per month and includes a credit counter to help users keep track of their credit usage. If you’re a free user and would like to get premium features like exporting SalesIntel contact information while on LinkedIn, research-on-demand and unlimited reveals, then fill out the form on this page!

About SalesIntel:

SalesIntel is the top provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data with the highest number of direct dials and human-verified contacts in the industry. The combination of automation and researchers allows SalesIntel to reach 95% data accuracy for all published contact data while continuing to scale up our number of contacts.

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