Top 5 Best Free Email Extractors for Lead Generation

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Lead generation is one of the most important yet challenging marketing practices. Moreover, generating qualified leads is critical for B2B businesses.

Today, many individuals, organizations, and businesses are engaged in email marketing. Such entities need to build a large email list for effective emailing. Also, as a company, you might need to send a customer service email to another company to inquire about their goods. Having these emails can be a nightmare if you search without the help or use of any device or program. This is where email extractors come in handy.

But what exactly is an email extractor? Is it only a tool that helps you get email addresses from LinkedIn? Or can it be more than that? How can you use lead generation software? You get to learn the answers to these issues along with some of the best resources, in this article.

What is an Email Extractor

An email extractor is usually used to extract email addresses from LinkedIn so that marketers and sales reps can get the email addresses of their prospects, build a list of contacts, and execute email campaigns. Email extractor tools reduce the need to manually obtain email addresses by automating the process.

Why Should Sales and Marketing Teams Use Email Extractors

Email extractors are important for B2B businesses. When you intend to promote a product or service via email marketing, you will require an email address extractor. Here are 2 reasons to use them.

Helps in Preparing Powerful Email List

We all know the importance of building a huge email list. It is a massive sigh of relief for every online blogger or marketer. Creating an authoritative email list can be a very tedious process if you prefer a manual option.

Let us look at a scenario. You are searching for numbers and email addresses of your prospects from various sites to execute email campaigns and to build trust. You’ve managed to get a few email addresses after browsing a number of web pages from a single platform. However, the list is not enough and there are still more websites to search for! Additionally, you cannot tell whether the emails that you have found are valid or not.

This is one of the many situations where email extractors will surely provide you great mental relief.

Saves Time

Saving time is one of the crucial ways that an email extractor can help businesses reduce time and effort in searching for contacts and reaching their prospects. Email extractors are capable of bringing email marketing strategies to the highest conceivable level. This not only improves the productivity of your team but also keeps them motivated to focus on executing productive work rather than wasting time checking hundreds of sites to find a handful of email addresses.

Creating an address generator for an email list may be difficult to accomplish manually. However, through the usage of an email extractor, you can do it in a matter of minutes.

All and all, email extractors make life far simpler for sales professionals and marketers. Using the right email extractor is the key to ensuring that this strategy works for your business.

5 Best Free Email Extractors for B2B Lead Generation

When discussing and planning email marketing, the need for an email extractor remains undisputed. So, let’s look at the top five free email extractors for B2B lead generation.

(Editor’s Note – The sequence of the Email Extractors is random and is not based on priority or importance.)

1. RevDriver Chrome Extension

Price: Free / SalesIntel subscription to export data to CRM


Top 5 Best Free Email Extractors for Lead Generation

With RevDriver, you can instantly access the most reliable company and contact details when searching the site. Easily collect data on individuals and organizations as you prospect across:

  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Social profiles like Twitter and Facebook
  • Company contact and account pages
  • Crunchbase profiles
  • Product review pages
  • And anywhere else on the web that you go to research people or companies

RevDriver scans the websites you are studying and intelligently identifies the business and contact details on the article. The extension then retrieves documents relevant to the items on the website directly from SalesIntel’s human-verified database and dynamically shows the data in the window. Additionally, along with your prospect’s email addresses, you get access to direct-dial phone numbers, company technographic, and firmographic data, buyer intent data, and more.

SalesIntel offers 10 credits per month for free RevDriver users with the ability to add more based on your needs. This makes RevDriver the best alternative for the other email extractors.

2. Email Extractor Chrome Extension

Price: Free / $10 – $150/month for automation feature / $9.99/month for cloud storage

Email Extractor Chrome Extension

Outreach is a key component of successful marketing campaigns to generate leads. Email Extractor Chrome Extension is one of the email extractors that has gained a lot of attention in recent years. It scrapes the company’s website and analyzes the corresponding locations related to the emails.

While it has a free and a paid version, there are limitations to the Free version. For example, you cannot download the emails and you have to upgrade to the paid version for other features like auto-save and automation.

3. Chrome Extension

Price: Free / $49 – $399/month for premium features Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension is one of the most popular chrome extensions. With respect to the accuracy of the data collected, states that the findings given contain a secret score that tests the quality of the data. The platform combines with a variety of other applications. Any time you visit a website, simply press Hunter’s Chrome extension and you will get a list of email addresses associated with the domain you are visiting. You will also see the names of the email address references along with their dates of discovery.

With the free version of the app, you will get 50 free searches/month and can upgrade your account for more.

4. Lusha

Price: Free / $39 – $69/month for premium features and more credits


Lusha makes it easy to get email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts with just one click. Lusha’s Chrome extension dynamically searches the profile page you are viewing and offers the latest up-to-date contact information in strict compliance with the specifications of the application. The plugin supports LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Twitter.

While it is a good way to get the email addresses and save time, you get only 5 credits/month per user using the free version.

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5. Skrapp Chrome Extension

Price: Free / $49 – $299/month for more credits

Skrapp Chrome Extension

Skrapp is a chrome plugin that integrates well with LinkedIn and can help you take the prospects’ qualified email addresses out of their LinkedIn profiles.

The lists in Skrapp are quite helpful and easily available inside the chrome extension itself. However, the email you seek is not always found, but when it is, it notes the possibility that it will be correct.

With the free version of the Skrapp Chrome extension, you get 150 credits/month per user. You need to upgrade to a paid version to increase the number of searches per month.

Revdriver as an Alternative to the Other Email Extractors

If you are searching for prospects and need an email scraper tool that can help you with accurate data to reach them using email or call (direct/work mobile dial), RevDriver is the right tool for you. If you are already using an email extractor for collecting emails, but that doesn’t provide the mobile dials or lack accuracy, you can trust RevDriver as an alternative as it provides 95% accurate, human-verified data.

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Wrapping Up

While a free email extractor does not cost in terms of monetary value, however, it still takes your time and resources. The extractor should make collecting emails easier and not time-consuming. RevDriver free chrome extension stands out as it provides human-verified data and direct work mobile dials. The newest version of the RevDriver makes it even easier to find the decision-makers and collect the data. 

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