How Intent Data Helps B2B Companies Stay One Step Ahead

How Intent Data Helps B2B Companies Stay One Step Ahead

Intent data is a powerful tool that provides increased visibility into prospects actively looking to make a purchase. It is widely used in the B2B landscape, because of its ability to improve sales and marketing results.

But what exactly is intent data? Well, it is behavioral information about a web user and a collection of their buying intent signals. It offers deep insights into a prospect or account’s buying intention, interests, and online research behavior.

With intent data, you don’t have to wait for a prospect to visit your website to know what they’re looking for or if they’re interested in your product. Intent data allows you to know beforehand what prospects are searching for or what topics they’re researching, even on websites you don’t own. This enables you to know exactly who is in-market for a solution you offer or if someone is actively looking for a type of product you sell.

Intent data works great if you want to prioritize leads exhibiting high purchase intent. It also improves your messaging by making it more relevant, timely, and personalized. Importantly, it helps you take a data-driven and intent-driven approach to B2B sales and marketing.

In addition, it allows you to tailor your campaigns to specific audiences right from the start of their buying journey. For example, you can use it to personalize outreach messages, web experiences, landing pages, or content for potential customers.

Furthermore, intent data helps target high-intent, valuable accounts while avoiding those who aren’t ready to buy or engage with you. This is highly beneficial for B2B companies that run account-based marketing campaigns. Also, intent data enables you to create highly targeted ad campaigns.

Let’s learn more about how intent data makes a difference for B2B organizations with the help of the infographic provided below.

How Intent Data Helps B2B Companies Stay One Step Ahead