Whitepaper: The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events: Tips & Best Practices

Whitepaper: The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events: Tips & Best Practices

Going virtual is a lot more than simply posting your content on the Internet.

You can’t simply record your keynotes, breakout sessions, demo videos, etc., throw them online and say hey, here’s our virtual event! It doesn’t work that way. The online space works by an entirely different set of rules. The playbook for in-person events you have mastered over the years is either useless or can do more harm than good. 

For a simple example, consider something as mundane as speaking time slots at conferences. It is an open secret that the first slot (after introduction) is the best while the one just after lunch is the worst in terms of engagement. Where as if you organize a full-day virtual conference, it might be the opposite. People might join your event pretty late after finishing that important task and be more engaged after lunch because they have the after lunch slump and maybe don’t feel like working. 

It’s just one of the countless ways in which virtual events are different and what makes it even more challenging is that there is no playbook to do it the right way. That’s why as people who have been working in the virtual space long before the pandemic forced everyone here, we bring you this whitepaper filled with best practices. In the following pages, you will learn everything you need to know in order to plan and execute a successful virtual event.

Banzai Virtual Event Whitepaper