What We Learned From Doing 25 Webinars in a Year

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How we generated $5.5 million in pipeline with just webinars!

Of all the demand generation channels, webinars offer the best hybrid of scalability and engagement. With pandemic disrupting businesses of all sizes and industries, many demand gen marketing efforts have fallen flat. All events having been canceled and in-person meetings stopped, people have started to become unresponsive (and even detest) traditional marketing outreach focusing on product, selling, and later stage conversion tactics. 

The bottom line is that, though webinars were neglected for a long time, they have now emerged as one of the most sought- after channels for both engagement and lead generation.

We had already been using webinars as a channel for a long time and were primed for the pivot, which is why we wanted to create this guide for other people to get a sense of what they are getting into and what they should expect.