The Monthly Intel, July 2019: Sales Intelligence Platform or List?

The Monthly Intel, July 2019: Sales Intelligence Platform or List?

Sales Intelligence Platform or List?

Contact data has always been an essential ingredient for advancing business prospects. There are always people to hire, sales-calls to be made, and business managers and executives to reach out to. What’s changed, however, is how those contacts were acquired, and above all, utilized. 

Back in the day, list businesses were the norm. Marketers bought contacts in bulk- thousands at a time and sent out mailers. Then came the age of email and it just made their task that much easier. They could now send thousands of emails every day! But as such indiscriminate marketing proliferated, customers began to not just ignore but abhor such marketing tactics. The term “spam ” is essentially a child of such marketing campaigns.  The situation has gotten to a point where click-through rates have dropped to an abysmal 2-3%. 

Now the obvious question is, what can you do about it? How can you get the attention of your target customers? From all my years of industry experience, I can tell you three core lessons that apply to businesses of all scales and industries: 

1. Data is Not Eternal 

One of the key mistakes that most marketers make is that they buy contact data in bulk and keep using it over the years. On average, contact data decays at around 3% per month. That means if you have 1000 validated contacts at to start, over 350 of them would be unusable by next year. As this rotten data piles up, any marketing or sales campaign is doomed to come crashing down.

2. Don’t Broadcast, Narrowcast 

Another problem is indiscriminate marketing- shooting the same email and same pitch to everybody. And that isn’t entirely the fault of marketers. Business lists never categorize contacts in diverse categories like location, firmographic, technographic, intent, as well as other criteria. Sales intelligence platforms have these kinds of filters that help with targeted marketing that not only deliver better results but also save significant time and resources otherwise wasted on unrelated clients.

3.  Embrace Technologies

Spreadsheets can take you only so far. The contacts should be integrated with your CRM and other sales and marketing management systems. These systems act as the central command and control center from where all operations are managed. Keeping these systems in sync with fresh data is crucial as it allows the entire team to be on the same page. 

With these lessons in mind, we at SalesIntel are on a mission to build the most compressive and adaptive sales intelligence platform that’s equipped to solve the challenges faced by modern marketers. In this age of hyper-competition and saturation, we more than anyone else understand the value of quality against the vanity of quantity. 

You can use business lists with thousands of contacts hoping to see even a single conversion or you can use sales intelligence platforms to target only the potential clients for substantial gains. The choice, as always, is entirely yours.


3.2 Million Human Verified Contacts Now Available!!!

We are ecstatic to announce we have 3.2 Million human-verified contacts in our database for you! We couldn’t have done this without our proven data verification process and our world-class research team. Make sure you check your saved searches for new contacts or upload your lists to clean and append your data. As always we’re Your Partner in Growth.


41 Orange Customer Case Study: Immense Time Savings & High-Quality Service

We spoke with 41 Orange’s CEO, Gregg Anderson, to learn about his team’s experience using SalesIntel. We were thrilled to find that our data quality and service has helped them –

  • Save 8 hours per campaign list
  • Save 40 – 60 hours each month  
  • Save the total cost of a full-time employee

Webinar: The Real Reason Your Sales & Marketing Are Failing: Bad Data

Date : August 1, 2019 Time : 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm EDT

Register Here for the Webinar

Tired of running sales and marketing campaigns with “meh” results? There could be an unseen obstacle in your database that’s directly impacting your campaign: bad data. Join top data experts from Insycle, Leadspace, and SalesIntel to understand how bad data is affecting your business and what you can do to fix it.

Are you suffering from the following?

  • Duplicate data
  • Inconsistent contact info
  • Missing data
  • Unvalidated contacts
  • Messy lead scoring
  • GDPR confusion

Join us on August 1 for a panel discussion and a live Q&A session on how to clean and organize your data so you can focus on crushing your next marketing milestone.

Register Here for the Webinar


Webinar: Using ABM & Outbound Tactics to Drive Inbound Leads

Missed the Webinar? You can still catch the recap and learn from Gregg Anderson, CEO of 41 Orange, and Jason Hubbard, VP of Growth at SalesIntel as they explain …

  • How to leverage LinkedIn to drive conversions and engagement without paid advertising, social posts, or InMail messages
    • Generate conversions for inbound content, i.e., webinars, white papers, podcasts, video landing pages, etc.
    • Generate registrations for in-person events, i.e., executive dinners, mastermind groups, conferences, workshops, etc
  • How to drive engagement with your ideal client profile using account-based targeting methodologies
  • How not to piss off prospects when sending cold messaging

Check out the Full Recap Here


Unlimited, Free LookUps with Our Chrome Extension – Everyone can now easily access the full SalesIntel database to find their desired contacts for free while on a company site or while on LinkedIn. . .

Why Data Quality Matters to Sales Teams – The volume of data is irrelevant if the data does not have confirmed quality. If half the phone numbers you paid to get a list of are actually disconnected, you’ve wasted money and time. If the majority of the emails you’ve pulled from a list are inactive, or even just typed incorrectly, you’ve wasted money and time. . .

You Can Afford Good Data – Acquiring the contact data you need can seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, living in the 21st century not only means we need more data, but also that there are people and systems specifically equipped to manage all that data. . .