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Accurate, Actionable Data

SalesIntel provides the most comprehensive and human-verified account and contact data you need to build your sales pipeline, nurture leads, and close deals faster. We make it simple to build your ICP, find the best buyers, and contact decision-makers to get the sales cycle rolling and leverage the full potential of your SDRs.  

Company & Buying Intelligence

Get a 360 degree view of your target prospects and real-time intelligence so you never miss out on a hot opportunity. SalesIntel provides complete firmographic and technographic data, plus organizational charts to help you get in touch with key decision-makers. 

We also source tons of buying and intent signals like events, fundraising, M&A and much more to ensure you are always talking to the right people at the right time.

Enrich Your Database

Data isn’t eternal and incomplete data leads to dead ends. The data in your CRM is decaying fast, causing lost opportunities. Enrich the existing data in your CRM with SalesIntel. Just upload your list or schedule the enrichment and we will append and update your data with the complete and latest information. 

Human Researchers at Your Service

Operate in a niche market that’s tough to penetrate? SalesIntel provides more than just data. We work with you to find the precise data you need. With 1,200 on-demand researchers standing by, you can place custom research requests for any industry, vertical, or persona and we’ll get the information you need within hours. Learn more. (Link to ODR page that’s yet to go live)

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Identify target accounts with the industry's most accurate company and contact data platform, offering powerful integrations with the marketing and sales solutions you need.

Sales and Marketing Operations

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Improve your pipeline, forecasting, and revenue growth with reliable data for your outreach. SalesIntel keeps your data clean, accurate, and reliable.


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In today's tight job market recruiting quality talent is more difficult and more important than ever. SalesIntel gives you the insights you need to reach out to your ideal candidates before they even know they're looking.