Not Just Any Data – Does Your B2B Data Provider Give You the Data Your Company Needs to Grow Your Pipeline?

Not Just Any Data – Does Your B2B Data Provider Give You the Data Your Company Needs to Grow Your Pipeline?

According to HubSpot, the top priority for marketers is generating leads and growing their pipeline. Your business attracts and converts anyone interested in your brand, products, or services through lead generation. It’s an integral part of the buyer’s journey, and to do so, you need accurate contact data.

But, not just any data will do – you need the best B2B contact data available for your ideal customer profiles. From content generation to email outreach, having quality information makes all the difference in growing your bottom line. 

What Do You Need From a B2B Data Provider?

To grow your pipeline you need to have the right data – data that is high quality and easily accessible. The best way to get this data is through a B2B data provider. Often, a B2B data provider can help build a stronger pipeline through scaled and refined outreach that helps you find your ideal customers.  

While ZoomInfo is currently the most well-known solution available, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best for your needs. After all, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Of current ZoomInfo competitors, SalesIntel exceeds expectations and is committed to delivering the highest quality data possible.

Let’s take a look at what you need from a B2B data provider.

1. Accurate and Relevant Information

To be successful in your campaigns, you need to utilize data relevant to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). What does that ICP look like for your business? Here are some ways to find out.


Knowing what is in a prospect’s technology stack is valuable information known as technographics. Having an in-depth knowledge of what solutions they’re using, who their provider is, and when those solutions were acquired can arm your team with valuable insights to market your product effectively. 

SalesIntel provides our users with the most accurate and reliable technographic data in the industry. With over 76 million technographic data points, we enable you to track changes happening in your prospect’s tech portfolios to better anticipate their evolving needs. 

Intent Data

Wouldn’t it be great to know what a prospect is thinking about purchasing and when they are going to make a decision? You could save time and money by effectively targeting the right leads. Intent data can reveal valuable buyer insights and allow you to adjust your marketing efforts appropriately, even boosting your connection rates

SalesIntel has partnered with market leader Bombora to provide our customers with the best intent data available. 

Bombora relies on a curated collection of content-rich publishers and partners to collect a massive pool of detailed firmographic and buyer intent data, something our competitors can’t offer. Bombora also utilizes deep-learning and natural language models that directly interpret content and construct clusters of similar items. This approach paints a more reliable picture of intent data than the data gathering approaches employed by other products.

While several data providers may provide intent data, its access is limited and dated, and often comes with an additional price tag. Bombora integrates seamlessly with SalesIntel’s platform and is included in every package. Check it out:

[Video: How to Use SalesIntel’s Intent Data Integration, Powered by Bombora


A lead with limited information provides limited value. Maybe you’re missing their direct phone number, full name, or most recent title. Having a database full of mistakes or missing pieces will only lead to headaches for your team down the road. You’ll waste time and resources closing the gaps or focusing on the wrong targets. 

In order to combat this dilemma, your team can utilize data enrichment. The main objective of data enrichment is to enhance quality, so it’s imperative to use the most reliable information available – you don’t want to create new errors in your CRM. 

Both ZoomInfo and SalesIntel offer tools to enrich your data, but SalesIntel enriches our customers’ CRMs with data that is human-verified, instead of relying on less reliable machine-processed data. The data we collect goes through an additional review process where a person reaches out to the contact via email or phone to confirm their data is correct in our records. 

At SalesIntel, our researchers go through each entry, correct any mistakes, and verify contact information regularly. Through this process, you end up with 95% data accuracy that supports your sales and marketing activities. 

Real-time Prospecting

Being able to prospect in real time can save time. SalesIntel offers a Google Chrome extension, RevDriver, that provides instant access to our human-verified contact data and company insights– right from your browser. 

With a click of your mouse, you can see your prospect’s contact info, whether you’re on LinkedIn or even corporate websites. No more relying on unanswered LinkedIn InMail or dead-end phone trees. With RevDriver, you can seamlessly access direct dial numbers and email addresses, all within the convenience of your browser tab. 

Research on Demand

SalesIntel provides a unique, one-of-a-kind, Research on Demand service to our customers.  If we don’t have the data you need, simply provide us with a list of names and job titles or request them directly on the platform, and we’ll retrieve and verify their information for you. 

There have been countless instances where a company licensed a B2B data platform but didn’t find the data they were looking for. With SalesIntel, there is no such risk -we will get you the data you need. Our Research on Demand service provides the reassurance that you will always find the data you need through our dedicated research team. This is something no other data provider promises or can deliver on.

2. Quality Data and Coverage

If you’re paying top dollar for a B2B data provider, you should reasonably expect exceptional data quality and coverage. 

Unlike other ZoomInfo competitors, SalesIntel guarantees a minimum 95% accuracy rate with our human-verified data. In addition, we offer the highest number of mobile numbers available in the industry– at no extra cost. 

Many customers compare our data with all other data providers and find that SalesIntel comes out on top. The data at other providers is mostly machine-processed and has significant gaps in quality. Between redundancies and the lack of a re-verification process, the data they provide degrades and diminishes the efficiency of your outreach. 

SalesIntel continues to grow the number of human-verified contacts and companies every quarter. With our 90-day re-verification cycle, we can maintain the high quality our users have come to expect and the coverage they need. Go ahead, request a free data sample, and see for yourself. 

200 Free contacts

3. A Comprehensive Database

When considering data provider attributes, database size ranks high on the list. ZoomInfo claims to have the largest B2B database, with over 80M emails and 46M direct phone numbers. Impressive. However, how much does size really matter? There are two factors you should take into consideration to put these numbers in perspective – redundancies (duplicate listings) and feature segmentation.

ZoomInfo’s database isn’t a single unit, but an amalgamation of several data providers that were acquired and combined – RainKing and DiscoverOrg being the largest. Most data providers have large overlaps in their data and merging databases creates redundancies. SalesIntel, however, automatically deduplicates our new and existing records to eliminate any redundant entries and we re-verify every 90 days. It can be a bit frustrating if 10 of your entries all have the same name but with different (and likely outdated) contact information. You don’t need every email address that this person has ever had! Imagine how quickly that mess can add up. Through deduplication, we do the legwork for you–only saving the most recent and accurate contact information. 

Additionally, ZoomInfo segregates its database into numerous functionalities, and it sells licenses, not for a comprehensive solution, but only for specific functions. While they boast a large database, ZoomInfo’s clients can’t even access most of it unless they pay additional fees for increased functionality. Each of SalesIntel’s clients has access to our entire database offering. This results in SalesIntel users having access to much more data than they would with ZoomInfo, even though we’re considered “smaller.”

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Are You Looking At ZoomInfo Competitors?

Well, look no further. You don’t have to just take our word for it. We asked customers if they were happy with SalesIntel, and more importantly, why they switched

SalesIntel’s Commitment to Excellence 

At SalesIntel, we strive to be the provider that provides excellent value, customer service, and transparency. We care about our customers and are committed to delivering on our promises. 

Value for the Price

One of the most common complaints customers have about ZoomInfo is that it’s too expensive for the value they deliver. And they typically impose a 10% annual contract increase along with a host of other charges for specific datasets. With SalesIntel, customers can meet their data needs, build pipelines, and grow business at a more reasonable price. 

Transparent Contracts

There have been countless instances where B2B data customers have felt trapped by contract clauses they never realized existed. Whether it’s extensive advance notice to prevent auto-renewal or the requirement to delete your CRM data after license cancellation, it may feel like you are signing your soul away. 

Customers are often left at the mercy of the fine print that they may have neglected to even read. Upon cancellation, some data providers have clauses in their contracts that demand you delete all the data you have exported to your CRM from their database when you unsubscribe from their platform. SalesIntel does not have any such contractual obligations. In fact, building a large database by exporting the data we provide is one of the core use cases for our customers. 

SalesIntel’s contract is fully transparent, and we ensure you know all the information you need upfront.  There is a better alternative available– ask for a demo to experience the difference.

Exceptional Customer Support

SalesIntel has taken great care to ensure we deliver the best customer support, and that’s reflected in the outstanding ratings we receive. One of the most prevalent topics in our G2 reviews is our exceptional customer service.  

Regardless of your individual need or request, our dedicated Customer Success team is committed to answering your questions promptly and accurately. We treat our customers how we would like to be treated ourselves – with respect and understanding. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional experience. 

Wrapping it Up

As you can see, having a lot of data is simply not enough. You need data that is relevant to your specific goals and requirements. When considering a B2B data provider, choose a team that will listen to your needs and helps you curate and grow your pipeline.