How LinkedIn Email Finder Can Boost Your Sales Productivity By 30%

How LinkedIn Email Finder Can Boost Your Sales Productivity By 30%

Sales, particularly in the B2B space, is quite a lengthy and intricate process. Depending on your product, deal size, and target industry, a typical sales cycle can stretch anywhere between a few weeks to over a year. That said, every sales effort, irrespective of strategy starts with the same process – prospecting. That’s where LinkedIn email finder has a significant role to play.

Prospecting itself can be a complicated process that includes finding and communicating with the right potential clients to generate leads and opportunities. And while prospecting isn’t technically a part of selling, a significant portion of a sales rep’s time is spent on prospecting. To give you some perspective, a typical workflow for SDRs looks something like this:

  1. Find companies matching their ICP
  2. Find the right person to contact in those companies
  3. Find their contact information
  4. After building a target list, begin outreach (calling and emailing)

Technically speaking, it’s only at the fourth stage that sales reps actually begin selling and everything before that is simply laying the groundwork – and takes hours of their time every day. That’s one of the reasons companies invest heavily in sales enablement and intelligence platforms to automate processes and acquire better data to help their sales team get straight to actually selling. For example, LSG does 80% faster prospecting using SalesIntel. That quickly adds up to save the cost equivalent to a full-time employee.

But of course, many of these solutions are expensive, particularly for startups who either can’t afford or won’t be able to exploit the full benefits of these platforms owing to their small team size. This is the gap that a good LinkedIn email finder like RevDriver can fill. SDRs often spend hours searching for prospect contact information and oftentimes end up with incorrect or outdated information causing a huge drag on their sales productivity and morale.

By estimates, inaccurate data wastes 27.3% of the sales rep’s time. As one of our clients put it, “You haven’t worked at the company for three years but you’re still listed as working there. So now I am going through my due diligence. But when I call, I find out you no longer work there. A call only takes 15-20 seconds but they do eventually add up”.

Why You Need LinkedIn Email Finder Tools Like RevDriver? 

Now if you use RevDriver – the best LinkedIn email finder, you can easily alleviate such pain points by simplifying the second and third stages of the prospecting process. RevDriver allows you to find the contact information you need – both direct-dial phone numbers and email, by simply visiting the LinkedIn profile of your prospect or company.

For instance, suppose you want to sell to Adobe and you have no idea who you should contact or their contact information. With RevDriver, you can simply visit the company’s LinkedIn page (or even their corporate website) to get a list of all the contacts at the company and their contact information. Want to reach the CTO of Lyft? Just visit their LinkedIn page, find their contact information, and fire off a call or email. It’s that simple!

In other words, RevDriver drastically reduces the burden of prospecting, simplifying it to something like:

  1. Find a company that fits your ICP
  2. Use RevDriver as a LinkedIn email finder to identify your decision-maker and collect their contact information
  3. Begin outreach

Now, even if you ignore hours saved every day otherwise spent searching for requisite information, the very fact that you get 95% accurate human-verified information from RevDriver will save at least 1/3 of your sales reps’ time, boosting your sales productivity by at least 30%.

It gets better – unlike many other LinkedIn email finders that cost money for every contact revealed, RevDriver is absolutely FREE. All you need to do is download the Chrome extension, find your prospects, and start selling!