Leverage ICP Ideal Customer Profile Within SalesIntel’s Advanced Search

Leverage ICP Ideal Customer Profile Within SalesIntel’s Advanced Search

To successfully promote to, sell to, and support consumers, you must first get to know them. And you can do it efficiently by constructing a client profile system. In this blog, you’ll discover how to make and leverage the most of your ICP (ideal client profile) using SalesIntel.

You can go directly from having an ICP to having a list of prospects at matching companies. Leverage your ICP using SalesIntel’s sophisticated search menu to build and rank your list of organizations and contacts using predictive lead scoring. You can focus your prospecting and engagement efforts on the best-fit organizations and buyers with a single click. 

Once you have an ICP in place, you can share it with other team members or throughout your whole business so that everyone is on the same page.

How to leverage ICP Within SalesIntel’s Advanced Search

You should first look at your internal data, rely on prior experience, and even check into any closed-won accounts in the CRM. What do the most valuable accounts all have in common? What accounts, based on their information and your contacts with them, are attractive candidates for growth? 

A more detailed study on technographics (or your ideal client’s tech stack) is also required. What solutions and tools are clients presently utilizing? Could your product help them improve their present process? Is it their intention to switch from one product to another? 

SalesIntel provides comprehensive firmographic and technographic data on all of our company profiles. It assists you in both researching your target customer and locating similar organizations.


Firmographic information includes both company-wide and specific user-level data. B2B segmentation with firmographics allows you to construct a picture of who your clients are so that you can target certain markets with relevant content. Firmographic data includes information such as:

  • Annual Revenue Industry Type 
  • Number of Employees Location (s)
  • Decision-Makers
  • … and more 

Although firmographic data alone is insufficient to develop highly relevant content for your consumers, it’s a good start to your segmentation process. SalesIntel’s firmographic data helps you qualify ideal prospects and target them with maximum precision. Paired with contact data such as emails and mobile phones, you get access to data such as SIC, company size, revenue, team size, location, funding, and more.


Technographics are highly significant for B2B organizations, particularly SaaS firms. Whatever the quality of your product, it must be technically compatible with the software used by your ICPs. Some SaaS startups are stumbling at this phase, pursuing a brilliant idea but failing to go through the essential aspects.

To make your program effective, you must evaluate technographic data. It is a grouping of technologies ranging from hardware to software. Consider the following ICP-related questions to assist you in analyzing technographic data:

  • What kind of tools and software does the organization employ?
  • How dependent is the firm on technology?
  • Is your product compatible with the company’s hardware and software?

The correct identification of your ICP can improve your marketing, website, and offers. After all, it is the identification of ICP that will save you time and inspire people to purchase.

You may use SalesIntel to define, filter, and search the exact contact data you require, knowing that they are already qualified to be clients.

For example, you might check for companies that use VMware. If you wish to narrow down your search on a broad topic. You may also look for information by category, such as Communications Management – Email. Choose one or all three technographic criteria to find the best-qualified contact information for your needs.

You can tailor your marketing efforts at the initial point of contact after you understand your prospects’ technical stack. By tailoring your message to the unique needs of the customer, you boost the probability of a win since you have uniquely personalized your messaging to them.

Here’s a video that explains how you can navigate, and find qualified leads right in the SalesIntel database.

Going a step further…

With the way competition is growing irrespective of the industry, think a step ahead and take a unique approach to quickly reach your potential customers. SalesIntel lets you go that extra mile by helping you find prospects already interested in buying or aware of your product. 

Intent Data 

What are common behaviors among your customers? What “trigger events” commonly lead to high-value accounts for you? The answers can help you find easily convertible prospects.

A difficult task for sales and marketing professionals is deciding which accounts to prioritize and devote their time, attention, and resources. At the end of the day, regardless of how thoroughly you have defined your ICP, only around 15% of those accounts will be ready to buy right now. 

If you indiscriminately target and leverage all of your ICP accounts, you will have a high miss rate. Worse, if you don’t target accounts with the correct material at the right time in their buyer’s journey, you may drive them away or miss out on the opportunity to close them, depending on where they are in the process. 

That is why intent signals are so important. Gaining access to the information your ICP accounts are reading allows you to pinpoint where they are in their buyer’s journey and target them accordingly, concentrating on those ready to buy.

SalesIntel’s Intent Data will assist you in detecting and understanding the intent themes that are actively being studied by certain accounts, allowing you to uncover your prospects’ buying signals.


SalesIntel has simplified intent data search for you, so you can save time and access actionable data in a few clicks to reach your ideal customers. 

Do you want to learn how to find data that can help you make faster choices and add more value to your business?

Website Visitors’ Data 

When you develop the website, you make sure the website’s content synchronizes with your target audience. That means your website visitors are all potential clients. However, not all website visitors convert into leads. Unless they fill out the form, you cannot identify and reach them. Here’s where a visitor identification tool like Visitorintel can help you do that.

VisitorIntel is an analytics-driven service that provides information about which organizations are visiting your website. Then, your sales and marketing teams may discover and engage the decision-makers and key influencers at those firms right away. The idea is to boost your chances of connecting with the consumer before they have bought elsewhere or decided to hold off on purchasing altogether.

Given that, there is no need to know every detail about your website visitors. You only need to know enough relevant data to match with your ICP and then reach out to them using SalesIntel’s human-verified contact data. 

Get Research Done on Demand

No database will include everything you require, that is why we go above and beyond for our users.

If you wish to expedite the process of locating and leverage ICP, our trained team of researchers will work with you to create a specific list.

Our Research on Demand team provides human-verified contact information upon request for contact records that are not already validated. With 1,900 on-demand researchers validating up to 500,000 contacts every week, we assure 95 percent data accuracy and supply the precise contact you want.

You may quickly auto-export the data, which is the latest enhancement to our industry-leading Research on Demand (RoD) platform.

Get Set, Ready, Prospect

You now have everything you need to develop your perfect client profile and locate a slew of fresh prospects that meet your requirements. Now get out there and prospect with SalesIntel!

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