How Intent Data Can Deliver Up to 4X Pipeline Expansion with 300% Marketing ROI

Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data helps you identify accounts that are interested in products and services related to your business.

Combining Company Surge® Intent data account-level insights with SalesIntel’s industry-leading 95% accurate B2B data allows you to identify your decision-makers at these organizations and gather the contact information you need to launch your outreach.


Your Intel from the Inside

Uncover the buying signals of your prospects by learning the Intent topics that are actively being researched by specific organizations. With nearly 7,000 Intent topics actively monitored, learn what your prospects are interested in before you reach out to them.


Prioritize Your Leads

Each account is assigned a real-time Company Surge® score based on its activity level for any specific Intent topic. The more content consumed related to that Intent topic, the higher the score. Find accounts scoring high on topics related to your product and services to prioritize leads.

Ready to Expedite Your Pipeline with Intent Data?


Discover More Opportunities

Combine SalesIntel’s firmographic and technographic information with custom filters to select Intent topics specific to your business and assign a threshold Company Surge® Intent Score (between 60 – 100) to discover companies most interested in your products and services.


Shorten Your Sales Cycle

With the SalesIntel and Bombora integration you can identify and reach out to organizations already looking for a solution to quickly jump through the buying stages and shorten your sales cycle.

Our Data Promise to You

All SalesIntel Data has been human-verified by our world-class research team.

Accurate Data

95% Accurate Data

By having our team call the numbers, send emails, and double-check everything, we provide a 95% accuracy rate.


90-Day Reverification

To maintain our high accuracy and avoid data decay, we reverify our data every 90 days.

Direct Dial Numbers

Most Direct Dials Numbers in the Industry

We understand how important a direct dial number is for making contact with someone, so we make sure you can pick up the phone and call.

Research on Demand

Research on Demand

Need data on a specific industry or contact that's not already in our database? Submit your request and we'll find the data for you.