How To Find Your Prospects’ Email Addresses & Build a High Conversion Email List

How To Find Your Prospects’ Email Addresses & Build a High Conversion Email List

Emails are key to selling your product.

Even in 2023, email is still how you connect with prospects, informing them about your solution– delivering relevant content directly to them. 

Emails are the catalyst for generating sales, enhancing customer engagement, acquiring new customers, creating brand awareness, and even rewarding customer loyalty. But what if you need to find an email address for a prospect that you don’t already have?

Finding Prospects Emails

Thankfully, finding a prospect’s email address has become easier because of new contact data tools. These tools easily provide addresses to fill your email lists based on the prospect’s name, company’s name, profiles on social media, and so on. You can also verify email address to see if it still exists. This will reduce your bounce rate. If you find the prospects emails on LinkedIn the use of a quality sales navigator will help you to get more leads.

But there’s also a wealth of other hacks available with the plethora of data available online.

Just Google It

Finding the email may be as simple as a quick web search. Chances are you might be able to find someone’s email address just by searching their first and last name and the word “email” or “contact.” 

If that doesn’t work, test out some other combinations like their name and the company name or their title. It only takes a few minutes to try, and it’s free. 

If you have a guess and you’re not sure if it’s right or wrong, try using Google’s Advanced Search. Type your guess in quotes like this: “” and see what pops up. If it ends up with some results, chances are that you’re correct!

Head To the Company Site

Probably the most simple (but easily overlooked) is heading over to the company’s website that you’re targeting and scouring their site for contact info. That information can be great fodder for creating your email lists

Many companies provide contact information for certain staff members on the About Us or Contact Us page, so those are great places to start your search. 

You may also want to take a look at their News page if they have one. Many press releases contain contact information in them, so you may be able to decipher their structure. 

If you find even a single email address, it isn’t hard to crack the code once you see the format they’re using. Whether it’s “firstname.lastname” or their first initial last name instead, this is a great way to make an educated guess at their email. 

Now, this only works if you have the person’s name, and it can be trickier for people with common names where there may be multiples at the company or potential variations (like William, Bill, Will, Billy, etc.).

Check Their Social Media

If you’re still searching for that email, try looking for their personal websites, blogs, or social media. Many professionals and executives have been establishing and maintaining blogs and websites to help boost their personal branding. 

While it isn’t as common, there’s still a chance that they link their email on their socials or personal sites.

Use a Browser Extension 

SalesIntel has our tool, RevDriver, an intuitive, free Chrome extension that allows you to easily retrieve business contact data as you prospect across LinkedIn profiles and even company and account web pages. We offer a free tier, allowing users to add more credits based on their needs.

Apart from email addresses, the tool gives you access to direct-dial phone numbers, company technographic data, and firmographic data.

Connect with a Data Provider

When you need to run email campaigns at scale, you can only go so far with free tools and hacks, that’s why mid-sized teams rely on accurate and cost-effective ways, such as SalesIntel’s B2B contact data, to create high-conversion email lists

We provide all the info you need to build your pipeline. Our first-party B2B data offers you the curated information you need to reach out to 14 million human-verified contacts at 22 million companies across the United States. We also offer the largest number of human-verified direct dials and mobile numbers in the industry at 95% accuracy, reverified every 90 days.

Why High Conversion Matters

Finding an email address is one thing, but that’s not enough to be successful. You should be sure the email is active, in other words, it is valid and belongs to a real human being. 

The cold hard truth is that an estimated 15% of email addresses in marketing lists are invalid. If these addresses appear in your email lists, you may face the unpleasant problem of hard bounces. Don’t put your sender and domain reputation at risk

Back to conversions – an email conversion rate is the percentage of your recipients who complete a specific goal action. To show your campaign or efforts are successful, you’ll want to see a higher conversion rate– what’s the point of spending time on emails that will never be seen or interacted with?

What to Focus On

When building your high-conversion email lists, you should focus on the following:

Create highly personalized content.  

Research suggests that as many as 71% of consumers feel that a personalized experience would influence their decision to open and read brand emails. Make sure you leverage information that you know about the prospect to ensure it’s something they want to read. Segmenting is key! Focus on the key issues of particular industries or job roles.

Get Their Attention

Whether it’s a compelling subject line, flashy visuals, or a clear and convincing CTA, it’s important to get your audience’s attention to have high conversions. Use a bit of psychology to have your prospects feeling and imagining your product, and then break out some persuasion techniques to seal the deal. Make sure you are offering something in exchange for their attention. 

Experiment with A/B Testing

When you build email lists and campaigns, you’ll want to know certainly which elements of your email perform well and which impact conversions negatively. A/B testing is a great way to identify which email elements cause more conversions. 

The steps involved in A/B testing include:

  • Set up two variations of one campaign, and send them to a portion of your prospects
  • Half of your test group gets the first version of the e-mail, and the other half receives the other.
  • Measure the results in terms of clicks, the winner being the one with the most clicks.
  • Send the best-performing e-mail to everyone.

Wrapping Up

For high-conversion email outreach campaigns, businesses prefer to work with data partners that provide human-verified data. Hiring a reliable B2B data partner or using a reliable data platform has helped businesses focus on optimizing the effectiveness of their email lists.

SalesIntel not only maintains high accuracy – but we also avoid data decay as we re-verify our data every 90 days. Download our extension for free human-verified data, or request a demo.

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