How SalesIntel’s Unlimited Everything B2B Data Plan Works—Top Q&As On the Plan and Pricing

How SalesIntel's Unlimited Everything B2B Data Plan Works

Here is everything you need to know about SalesIntel’s unlimited B2B data and pricing plan.


1. How does SalesIntel’s unlimited pricing work?

SalesIntel pricing includes a platform fee, which gives you access to unlimited data. Then, you add licenses for each user as needed. We also offer optional add-ons for more customization.

2. Do I really have access to unlimited data, downloads, and enrichment? 

Yes, you really do! Worrying about credits and data management takes all the fun out of sales and marketing efforts, so we made it easy by making it all available.

3. Could I buy SalesIntel as an individual?

Yes! SalesIntel is for individuals and large teams alike. Contact us to learn more.

4. I need data to support my clients. Is SalesIntel right for me?

We offer special packages, especially for marketing agencies, staffing firms, and others who need to support clients with our data. Contact us to learn more.

5. How long are your contracts?

SalesIntel’s plans are paid annually. We offer discounts for multi-year contracts.

B2B Data—FAQ

6. What account data credits are unlimited?

All technographic, firmographic, and news data credits are unlimited. This includes 22m accounts profiled by 18,000 data points with 32 news categories. This is over 300m data combinations in all.

7. What contact data credits are unlimited?

All verified email addresses, direct dial numbers, mobile phone numbers, job titles, and company name contact data credits are unlimited. This includes 100m contacts with an average of 4 data points describing them.

8. What are we allowed to do with the data?

You have permission to use our data for any of your first-party go-to-market needs. This includes downloading, exporting, enrichment, etc.

9. Is enrichment unlimited?

Yes. Unlimited enrichment credits are included for any of the data types listed above.

10. Is there a difference between your data compared to other providers? Isn’t all data the same?

Our data is ethically sourced and has permission for use via 1st party applications. There is no web scraping or dubious sourcing. And all our data is backed by scaled human verification. We’ve been gathering B2B data for a long time and know how to provide data with the highest possible accuracy from ethical sources.

11. What software features are included?

All SalesIntel features are included such as VisitorIntel, saved searches, auto alerts, and more. You have full access to the SalesIntel platform.

12. What integrations are included?

All integrations are included such as CRMs (SFDC), Marketing Automation (Hubspot, Marketo), Cadence Tools (Outreach), and the RevDriver Chrome Extensions for Chrome Browser and LinkedIn.

13. Is there a data destroy clause?

No. We view data-destroy clauses as unfair, unethical, and unnecessary when working with our customers. Partnerships are built on mutual benefit.

14. Are you concerned about data theft?

No. We will qualify companies before they access our unlimited plan and work to do business with ethical companies that value our partnership. We pride ourselves on having close customer relationships and high levels of customer service.

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