The 2024 List of the Best B2B Lead Providers

The 2024 List of the Best B2B Lead Providers

Lead generation has been around for a long time, but methods have progressed beyond seeing who replies to marketing emails and directing them to the sales team. As the self-directed consumer is flooded with information, you need new, inventive tactics to cut through the clutter and reach out to potential customers. Marketers must focus on discovering and creating connections with their prospects, leads, and customers than depending on mass marketing and email blasts to attract customers.

Lead generation necessitates the proper tools—even for skilled marketers. In this piece, we will provide our pick of the effective lead providers for B2B for nailing every facet of B2B lead generation. 

Before jumping to the list, let’s understand what lead providers are and what they do. That way, you can select the best tools for your business. 

What are B2BLead Providers? 

Lead providers help B2B companies generate quality leads for their sales pipeline. B2B lead generation companies allow you to find quality and verified leads for your sales and marketing campaigns. This benefits the sales team since it can concentrate on selling rather than seeking someone to sell to.

As you can see from the list below, there are several popular lead providers. They create and leverage databases for you to find your leads. Let’s review each one.

Best Lead Providers for B2B in 2024

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has transformed the way over 500 million business people from more than 200 countries communicate, making it a useful resource for B2B organizations. Getting started with social selling might be difficult, but it is critical to the success of any B2B firm today.

While LinkedIn may be used to some extent for social selling, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has filters and features to help you narrow your search and identify your ideal customer profile, develop the right list of customers, and boost your chances of conversion. You can filter millions of leads down to the relevant prospects for your business.

Individual, team, and corporate memberships are available based on your needs and team size. The LinkedIn website provides a detailed explanation of each subscription level.


SalesIntel is a customer-service-focused B2B data provider with everything from mobile phone numbers to intent data. Additional human verification adds high accuracy to the contact information of decision-makers. 

Intent data helps you identify leads searching for a product or solution similar to yours. It tracks the type of content your potential customers are consuming. So, you can find leads already in the market and close deals faster. 

The best part of SalesIntel’s customer service? – If you have a list of prospects that’s not a part of the SalesIntel database, you can use the Research-on-Demand to get the missing data in a few hours.

RevDriver Chrome Extension 

You can do real-time prospecting and obtain respectable company and contact information with the RevDriver free chrome plugin. As you browse LinkedIn profiles, websites, or other company-connected pages, you can easily collect information on people and organizations:

SalesIntel refines your search and allows you to focus on the companies actively searching and exploring solutions similar to yours. 

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Cognism is a high-quality sales intelligence tool. The company uses AI and human verification to produce corporate and event data for new ventures. You have access to technographics, firmographics, emails, and cellphone numbers by joining the site.

The program includes a mobile app and a Chrome extension, both of which are simple. They also keep “do not call” lists to prevent bothering any customers. You’ll be able to minimize manual research, admin, and dialing incorrect numbers. seeks out valuable clients’ or customers’ emails. You can input the company name and receive the company’s email. Hunter allows you to begin your B2B lead creation process by locating email addresses for contacts you wish to target.

They provide lead creation services for email discovery as well as email verification. Your initial email addresses may be found on their website, but you must first register a free account.

They provide a free plan and higher choices based on how much lead generation you want to perform.


ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence platform with a big contact database that may help your sales force with lead creation, market research, and insight-driven engagement. It provides B2B analytics and corporate contact data to assist you power your go-to-market strategy.

You can access company phone numbers and confirmed email addresses of top executives and crucial business relationships, such as the Chief Strategy Officer or a Senior Sales Executive. However, you must pay extra to access data like direct dials, intent data, etc. Targeted prospect lists can also be used to boost sales prospecting and conversion rates.


LeadFuze enables you to obtain contact information for specific individuals or even for all employees at an organization.

You can input a complete list of businesses and discover everyone in certain divisions inside those businesses. Furthermore, if you want Leadfuze to be your sole automated system.

You may configure LeadFuze’s AI list builder, Fuzebot, to automatically add fresh daily leads that meet your criteria to your list. You may also set up connectors with CRMs and email solutions to automate outreach efforts (integrations include HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailshake, Salesflare, GSuite, PipeDrive, and Zapier).


FindThatLead is a B2B lead creation tool that includes: a Lead Search, Email Verifier, Email Sender, Social Search, and Prospector. It may assist boost your sales by providing daily leads to your sales team, connecting with decision-makers in your industry, filtering your target leads, and automating the lead creation process.

FindThatLead makes it quick to locate qualified leads for your sales team. Instead of having your sales agents sit idle waiting for leads, you’ll have a bustling sales room with reps spending more time on the phone, closing new business.

Voila Norbert

Another B2B lead creation application that helps you to produce quality leads is Voila Norbert. 

Voila Norbert is a market intelligence program that gives you a platform for discovering new email addresses. 

Voila Norbert, like most lead-generating companies, assists you in finding ways to contact people for sales, recruiting, content marketing, and business development.

They also offer an API and numerous connectors so they can be integrated into your marketing stack.


Aeroleads is a web-based software solution that searches sites such as LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and AngelList for email addresses and other information about new prospects. When accessible, the tool will also offer website addresses and contact data for each new contact, including phone numbers and email addresses, which you can then aggregate and export as a CSV file for prospecting. It allows you to convert LinkedIn prospects into leads using the chrome extension. 

Three Crucial Areas to Choose the Best B2B Lead Providers

1. Check compliance

Always check to determine if the company you are associating with for the database leads is compliant. In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation is essential for getting high-quality data, although individual states in the United States have their own privacy rules. California, for example, adheres to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

2. Read reviews

The majority of the finest B2B data suppliers are listed on review sites such as G2 and Capterra. It’s a good idea to compare each for the qualities you want and to read customer evaluations. But don’t limit yourself to simply the good ones. Examine their negative reviews to discover if there is a recurring pattern and if those users’ concerns have been resolved.

You may discover that your selected provider appears to be a good fit on paper but has several deal-breakers, such as an inflexible contract or poor customer service.

3. Book a demo

Once you’ve narrowed down a few sales lead providers, contact them and schedule a demo. A representative will gladly guide you through how the solution works and best practices. Furthermore, you should be able to arrange a free trial to test the data out and ensure it is the ideal tool for your organization.

Quality Prospecting Leads to Qualified Lead Generation 

Any B2B firm must prospect accurately for finding new customers, most importantly, in less time. You can’t grow if you don’t have leads coming in or have leads that don’t match your SQL criteria. 

Fortunately, B2B lead providers will help you and your team to create and approach qualified prospects. Approaching qualified prospects will help you generate qualified leads and close the deals faster.  

You need to start from somewhere. SalesIntel has created a lot of B2B lead generation success stories by offering reliable B2B data for their marketing initiatives and ABM campaigns to marketing events and conferences. 

There is no better moment to rethink your lead generation strategies and get the leads flowing freely in your sales pipeline. 

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