6 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Data Provider

6 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Data Provider

Too many companies continue to cling to their data B2B providers, even when those data platforms no longer fit the business or are no longer providing ideal data. Outdated or inaccurate data requires you to spend more time updating it and also prevents organizations from getting the most out of their data.  On top of this time-consuming management, relying on outdated data can increase vulnerability to serious risk factors—from customer dissatisfaction to security breaches.

Constant refinement and improvement of data intelligence now play a critical role in almost every business function. An effective, modern data partner doesn’t just provide reliable data, they will provide a tool that:

  • Uses AI to provide a highly-targeted list of prospects 
  • Helps you reach your sales and marketing goals
  • Minimizes current and potential risks 
  • Strives to incorporate new and innovative technology

Given that, most businesses often fail to realize that they have outgrown their data provider.

You had all the check-boxes checked when you first started with your data provider. However, they might not still be the best ones for your business. Several of our recently onboarded clients realized that SaleIntel was the better choice than their old provider. 

Different clients had their own reasons to switch to SalesIntel. We took note of them, and here are six signs to fact-check if you have outgrown your old data provider. 

Your Current Data Provider Isn’t Meeting Your Desired Business Outcomes

Well-rounded data providers will always help you improve your business and achieve your objectives. That implies they must take a comprehensive approach to your business, constantly hoping to assist you in achieving excellent results. It could be time for a shift if your present supplier solely fixes particular technological concerns.

Always look for a provider who values your company’s uniqueness rather than treating you as replaceable. After all, you rely on technology to achieve your company objectives. As a result, your data partner must be aware of both your short- and long-term objectives if they want to best help you.

Your data partner’s dedication to service will show if they want to build a long-term relationship with your organization. Customer service is crucial for a long-term business connection, from pre-sales to onboarding to customer support. You shouldn’t have to put up with carelessness, slow response times, or overall disinterest. These problems can divert your attention away from your main business, defeating the point of working with a data provider and wasting time and money.

You Only See Them When There’s a Problem

Many data providers lack the resources to be proactive. They spend their time putting out the “day’s fire.”

Resolving data difficulties is one of the numerous responsibilities of your data supplier. You pay your data supplier to manage all aspects of your offering. If they just do one function regularly, you are not getting a good return on investment.

Your data partner should assess the product frequently to predict potential issues and take proactive efforts to address them. If they are executing their job properly, you will notice significantly reduced downtime and a more efficient overall operation.

Lack of Innovation Is Hindering your Business

Your legacy B2B data provider is not rolling out new features or enhancing existing ones to support your business. This might be happening out of complacency—or worse, because you’re using a system that’s no longer actively supported. Two of the biggest visible signs of this are lack of integration with CRMs and data-verification processes, resulting in poor automation capabilities.

Your team members most likely know the filters, features, and data they want to employ to become more productive and competitive. However, they may find it difficult, if not impossible, to carry out their ideas with your outdated data management system. 

So, while the major companies in your sector use cutting-edge sales intelligence tools to remain ahead of the competition and maximize productivity, you’re stuck with an outdated, inefficient data platform. This may be a major setback for a company that wants to remain competitive and adaptable.

Not Putting Context Beyond the Contacts

Without context, your sales and marketing connections are nothing more than a list of names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Many people become trapped in a research feedback cycle that begins with Google or LinkedIn and ends in irritation – or, worse, failure – due to a lack of excellent contextual information.

When you know the “what,” “why,” and “how” behind the “who,” you can have meaningful discussions with prospects. You establish yourself as their ally in the battle to solve their business challenges.

This context could include anything from online content consumption behavior to leadership changes, major projects and initiatives budgeted for the coming year, as well as the company’s current reporting structure, job responsibilities of each individual, and the company’s current technology stack.

Excessive Cost Increases

Every data company (like most SaaS solutions) will gradually raise their pricing as they add data, features, integrations, and so on. That is a normal element of doing business, and you should not be startled when it occurs. However, you don’t want to conduct business with a data partner that would abruptly boost their fees while failing to enhance the product’s quality. Reliable data partners prioritize preparing their consumers for possible price increases while providing greater value to their users that more than justifies the cost.

If your data partner raises their data pricing, look to see if the vendor is providing more data, more accurate data than before, adding features like data enrichment or intent signals, or additional data filters. If you answered yes, and those are genuinely valuable, you should probably renew. If not, it’s pointless to increase your budget merely to keep using the same solution. If your vendor’s pricing policies do not justify the cost, it may be time to begin examining other data providers.

Your Provider Fails to Cope With New Data Compliances 

Many data providers fail to keep up with the new data compliances like California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), GDPR, etc. 

Tracking user data without their agreement is a violation of the new GDPR and CCPA regulations, and it may result in significant fines. There are a few large names in the data business who keep the way they collect intent data from their consumers a secret. Misuse of information without authorization, whether intentional or unintentional, might cost the organization dearly for years. Bombora, a Buyer Intent Data leader, has launched a lawsuit against a publicly listed data business for allegedly getting an unfair advantage by violating the CCPA. 

Many purchasers will be concerned about data protection and compliance. Every year, new laws and regulations are released throughout the world; you want to engage with a supplier who fulfills the requirements of all foreign authorities. If your data provider fails to keep up with the data compliance requirements, it’s time to switch to a reliable data provider to avoid any inconvenience.

Switch to a Reliable Data Provider

Regardless of the size of your company, you demand high-quality data from your partner. However, transferring from one vendor to another may appear to be difficult. There will be costs, it will be disruptive, and it will affect your sales and marketing activities. As a result, you must assess the costs and benefits of switching data partners with your vendor and decide whether the time is appropriate. However, transition interruptions and switching costs can be reduced to the point of being insignificant if properly scheduled and managed.

Any data partner must have a clear and accountable approach for collaborating with a customer. Our approach keeps us committed to providing the greatest sales intelligence platform for B2B go-to-market teams and motivates us to continue adding value to our B2B data. 

Here are a few major aspects that make it easier for B2B organizations to migrate to SalesIntel.

1. Quality, Quantity, and More for Less

You have access to millions of 95% accurate B2B connections as well as the necessary insights. Our data is re-verified every 90 days to eliminate data degradation and ensure that you get the most up-to-date information every time you use it.

2. Highest Coverage of Work Mobile Numbers in the Industry

Dialing prospects’ cell phones have resulted in astonishingly high connection rates. According to recent ScaleX research, salespeople are 7X more likely to reach prospects when they use SalesIntel work mobile numbers.

3. Data Completeness

With our data enrichment option, you can quickly fill in the gaps in your inbound and event leads, as well as any existing B2B data list. When prospecting and selling, having complete data enables you to be more focused.

4. Identify Customers with Buying Intention

Only 15% of businesses are actively looking for a certain product at any one moment. SalesIntel provides you with intent data that enables you to discover and reach out to firms who are already seeking a solution, allowing you to skip to later buying phases and reduce your sales cycle. With intent data driving your sales and marketing initiatives, you can 4x your sales pipeline expansion and achieve a marketing ROI of 300%.

5. Find Whom You Need With Research-On-Demand

If you identify the data you’re searching for, but it’s not in our portal, our research team will work with you to identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and develop a personalized list between 2-48 hours. 

6. Smoothest Onboarding in the Industry

Our clients have had the easiest onboarding experience in the business. Most of our clients switch from another data source to SalesIntel. Our success and support teams specialize in ensuring that SalesIntel is completely integrated into your tech stack and processes with limited downtime. We also thoroughly train and onboard your team. SalesIntel’s platform is likewise designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to use. Our success stories speak for themselves when it comes to our streamlined and simplified onboarding procedure.

7. Continuous Improvement to Stay Aligned With Your Business Objectives

We have every detail your company needs for exponential development. Our great customer service, along with the high quality of our human-verified data, has enabled our customers to reach new prospects they would not have otherwise. Our staff works diligently to integrate CRMs and form third-party relationships to provide the most comprehensive B2B data solution for your company.

Do you want to see how far SalesIntel can go to meet your objectives?