10 Best Sales Intelligence Tools to Consider for Your Business

10 Best Sales Intelligence Tools to Consider for Your Business

Sales is a long, complicated process that drains energy from any salesperson. However, this does not have to be the case. The major issue a salesperson faces is the lack of information. This not only slows down your sales personnel, but it also slows down the sales process. That is why sales intelligence tools are so important to sales teams and businesses today. They enable you to collect, analyze, and present critical information to help you and your sales teams stay on top of new leads and insights.

In this quick article, we will look in-depth at the ten best sales intelligence tools for growing your organization. So, let’s get started!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Almost 780 million. That’s the current number of LinkedIn users Most salespeople use LinkedIn, but only a small percentage use Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s paid premium offering. Sales Navigator makes it simple to create prospect lists based on the job titles and responsibilities of decision-makers. Users can also keep track of pertinent conversations, allowing salespeople to uncover more meaningful methods to engage with both existing and new contacts.

It allows you to conduct advanced prospect and contact searches while getting lead recommendations that might fit your requirements. Additionally, you can easily use LinkedIn Sales Navigator with your CRM and sync all prospect information. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also provides you with real-time updates on relevant events such as job changes.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub was built from the ground up as part of HubSpot’s platform, unlike a lot of business software that has been cobbled together through acquisitions.

HubSpot enables you to accomplish more outreach in less time by using email templates and automation, as well as automated data entry. Interaction and engagement tracking, as well as notifications, make it simple to track where prospects are in the buyer’s journey and respond with the appropriate information at the appropriate moment.


SalesIntel lets you identify and reach millions of decision-makers by providing technographic, firmographic, and buying intent data. The filters help you to target companies according to the technologies they use, company size, location, buying intent signals, and more.

SalesIntel helps you develop your ideal customer profile and find prospects across the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada region.

You can also enrich your data with either targeted, defined manual enrichment jobs or automatically enrich your entire database on a regular schedule.

SalesIntel even helps reps target the accounts who are actively engaged in the buying process and ready to purchase today with Buyer Intent data.

The platform gives you access to direct work mobile dials. A study by ScaleX proved that sales reps are 7x more likely to reach prospects using SalesIntel work mobile numbers compared to switchboards and even direct desk phones. Access to work mobile numbers is included in every SalesIntel subscription as opposed to some companies that charge extra for data sets like mobile numbers.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Starting with tools that help you better connect with and sell to leads at scale, the Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed to maximize sales performance from planning to closing.

Customer data saved in numerous papers, spreadsheets, and emails are disorganized and inconvenient, and it provides little significant insight. That data is put to good use when it is all in one location, such as Sales Cloud.

Your sales team can log in at any time – from mobile devices or a desktop computer — to get an up-to-date picture of how each prospect or customer is performing.

Salesforce provides one of the most comprehensive, end-to-end sales intelligence platforms, with artificial intelligence to assist monitor and changing your sales strategy and forecast performance.


InsideView has one of the most comprehensive feature sets, with solutions for territory planning, account-based selling, and sales cycle acceleration—it even supports social media selling. Their private network is similar to LinkedIn’s connections in that it shows how you and your colleagues are connected with prospects all across the internet.

With this unified targeting, marketing, and sales intelligence platform, you obtain real-time market data that enable you to make the best strategic decisions. InsideView’s Go-To-Market Decision Engine assists you in identifying growth prospects for your business.

Additionally, you provide permission-only access to your coworkers’ contacts to locate connections that are only available to your firm.


Bombora’s goal is to reduce the sales cycle by engaging with prospects who are already looking and ready to buy. By discovering firms that are looking for specific topics, you may begin the engagement already on a second base, allowing for smoother and faster closure. Based on prospect behavior, this sales intelligence tool will even recommend subjects and conversation tracks.

Bombora provides you with information on which target prospects are interested in which topics, allowing you to efficiently score leads and segment your audience, develop timely content that has an impact, and implement ABM tactics to move prospects down the sales funnel.

SalesIntel Partners with Bombora to Power-up Sales Intelligence with B2B Buyer Intent Data


While Crystal will not assist you in identifying new leads, it will assist you in breaking the ice and identifying the proper messaging to secure meetings and new opportunities. The one-of-a-kind sales intelligence tool integrates with other top sales tools to provide insights into your prospects’ personalities, even providing specific suggestions on the ideal tone and message hierarchy to appeal to each person.

The sales intelligence tool employs the DISC technique to assess a person’s personality based on social media profiles or written texts. As a result, you will not only discover more about the person but also about their ties to other people.

RevDriver by SalesIntel

When you use RevDriver, you can rapidly find the contact and company details of your ideal customers. As you prospect, you can easily collect data on persons and organizations:

  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Social profiles like Twitter and Facebook
  • Company contact and account pages
  • Crunchbase profiles
  • Product review pages
  • And anywhere else on the web that you go to research people or companies

RevDriver scans the website you’re looking at and intelligently recognizes the business and contact information. The extension collects details directly from SalesIntel’s human-verified database and displays the data in the window dynamically. You also have access to direct-dial phone numbers, company technographic, firmographic data, buyer intent data, and more, in addition to your prospects’ email addresses.

SalesIntel offers 10 credits per month for free RevDriver users with the ability to add more based on your needs. As a result, RevDriver is the superior choice to the other email extractors.


ZoomInfo is a contact database, and you may use it to find contact information for leads you’ve already identified. ZoomInfo distinguishes itself by claiming to have “the world’s most complete B2B contact database.” When it comes to the data quantity, ZoomInfo is far ahead of other sales intelligence tools. However, when it comes to human-verified data, SalesIntel is a clear winner with higher quality data.

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With a single click, Lusha provides email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts. Lusha’s Chrome extension dynamically scans the profile page you’re on and displays the most up-to-date contact information in strict accordance with the application’s criteria. LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Twitter are all supported by the plugin.

While it is a convenient way to obtain email addresses and save time, the free version only provides 5 credits per month per user.

Not All Sales Intelligence Tools Are Created Equal…

Some tools thrive when discovering accurate contact information, while others excel at gathering intent data and relevant news from media platforms.

SalesIntel brings all the necessary data, filters, and features on a single platform – saving you time and making it easy for you and your team to keep the data organized.

Want to boost your sales process and master the art of prospecting? Get started with SalesIntel.

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