Recap: Winning the B2B Data Quality Battle: 10m Human Verified Contacts and What It Means in 2023

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B2B contact data quality is more important than ever and revenue leaders heavily rely on their database to efficiently focus their entire go-to-market effort. This is especially true in challenging economic times when budgets are tight. But achieving actionable scale and maintaining quality is increasingly difficult. Knowing how to interrogate your B2B data provider is vital to choosing the right B2B intelligence provider in 2023.

Join us for this no nonsense session outlining the quality challenges this industry faces and how different approaches yield better, or worse, results in the most important dimension of B2B contact data – quality. For 15 years, CEO & Founder of SalesIntel Manoj Ramnani has been driving innovation in the B2B intelligence space. With SalesIntel recently reaching 10 million human-verified contacts, we invite you to peek behind the curtain and learn the truth about the journey to this historic quality milestone.

Attendees will walk away educated on the real differences in contact data collection and their quality outcomes helping you make the right decision on your B2B intelligence provider in 2023.

Meet the Presenters


Manoj Ramnani, Founder and CEO


Manoj is a graduate of George Washington University’s business school with a degree in Management of Information Systems. He also actively serves as a board member for Duo Education, Center for Advanced Orthopedics (CAO), GymGO and Mobile Spectrum. Manoj is the Founder and CEO of SalesIntel, a company committed to providing the highest quality B2B contact data on the market. SalesIntel’s research team hand-verifies every contact to ensure 95% accuracy on data. As the CEO, Manoj drives the strategic vision of SalesIntel, establishes and fosters key partnerships, and is building out the executive team that will make SalesIntel the leader of the data sector.