Recap: Targeting the Self-Directed Buyer: Strategies to Navigate the Modern B2B Buying Journey

The B2B buying landscape has changed dramatically. Today’s buyers are more self-directed than ever, conducting extensive independent research before engaging with brands. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to adapt to this new reality and create content that resonates with buyers throughout their journey.

From This Webinar You’ll:

  • Understand the latest B2B buying trends and how they impact your marketing strategy.
  • Learn how to identify and target your ideal customers.
  • Discover effective content strategies that attract and engage self-directed buyers.
  • Measure the success of your content marketing efforts and optimize your strategy for continuous improvement.

Meet the Presenters

Brandon Redlinger

VP of Marketing at Chili Piper

Brandon is a B2B marketing leader specializing in product marketing, demand generation, growth marketing, and account-based marketing. He is passionate about the intersection between technology and psychology, especially as it applies to growing businesses. He relishes the opportunity to always learn and grow from the opportunities that present themselves and the people in our presence. 

Christina Brady

CEO & Co-Founder at Luster

With 16+ years of overall SaaS sales experience, covering both land and expand strategies and teams, and 10+ years of executive leadership in the SaaS space, Christina has a proven track record of leading individuals and organizations to growth & profitability through creative, scalable, and targeted strategy. As a former artist, musician, and improv performer, she has a genuine passion for building culture, coaching & developing leaders, and producing top-performing Sales and CS teams across small to enterprise organizations. Christina uses her experience, data driven approach, and people first mentality to revolutionize how revenue teams practice and ingrain learning, skills, and ongoing development. On a daily basis, she is energized by the opportunity to help companies of all sizes grow and make a worldly impact.

Katie Penner

Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso,

Katie Penner is the Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso, where she has distinguished herself through her innovative approach to social content, direct marketing programs, and her role as chief evangelist. Her journey at Sendoso, spanning over three years, shows a rapid ascent from roles in sales development and strategy to leading sender relations. Katie’s passion for empowering businesses to leverage direct mail for impactful engagement has been a cornerstone of her success.

Ariana Shannon

Director of Marketing at SalesIntel

Ariana started her career in the tech space as a video marketer at Cirrus Insight and hasn’t slowed down since. Over the last five years, she has been on the fast track, taking her to her current role as the Marketing Director at SalesIntel. Her unique perspectives on sales, marketing, and operations have been forged by a career spent entirely with start-ups. This gives her a leg up as she knows what is needed for not only her team but for her organization to succeed.