Recap: Steal Your Competition’s Leads: 5 Flavors of Intent and How To Use Them

If you’re among the tens of thousands of companies struggling to build and close pipeline predictably in 2023, intent data is your best friend. Join a webinar with CEOs of the three industry-leading intent intelligence providers to learn:

  • How savvy Go-to-Market teams use intent data to surface in market ICP prospects ahead of the competition  
  • What types of intent data are available in the market, how they differ, and how to use them
  • From examples sourced from use cases around the industry

Join industry luminaries Manoj Ramnani CEO SalesIntel, Chuck Crnoevich SVP Bombora, and Tukan Das CEO LeadSift

Meet the Presenters


Manoj Ramnani, CEO and Founder


Manoj is a graduate of George Washington University’s business school with a degree in Management of Information Systems. He also actively serves as a board member for Duo Education, Center for Advanced Orthopedics (CAO), GymGO and Mobile Spectrum. Manoj is the Founder and CEO of SalesIntel, a company committed to providing the highest quality B2B contact data on the market. SalesIntel’s research team hand-verifies every contact to ensure 95% accuracy on data. As the CEO, Manoj drives the strategic vision of SalesIntel, establishes and fosters key partnerships, and is building out the executive team that will make SalesIntel the leader of the data sector.

Michael Burton Bombora

Michael Burton, Co-Founder and SVP of Data Sales


Mike has been working with AdTech start ups since 2002. Currently, he is responsible for driving adoption of Bombora’s offerings across email marketing, analytics, programmatic display, predictive analytics and lead scoring, and countless other applications. Mike took on an integral role in building B2B’s first Intent data co-operative, helping Bombora to consolidate over 9.3 billion monthly B2B behavioral interactions. This consolidation of data fuels massive efficiencies across B2B marketing and publishing.


Tukan Das VP of Product Management


Tukan Das is the VP of Product Management at Foundry. He is the former CEO of LeadSift, which was acquired by Foundry in 2021. With a background in Data Mining – Tukan is a hacker, doer and dreamer at Foundry where he is working with his team to make Intent Data powered B2B Marketing a reality.