Recap: Maximizing Sales Productivity – The Role of Buyer Intent Data

Ever wonder how some sales teams seem to close deals left and right while others struggle to get their foot in the door? Well, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. In this webinar, we will spill the beans on how buyer intent data can be your secret weapon.

Join us to learn how you can empower your sales team to prioritize efforts, target the right accounts, and drive meaningful conversions!

  • Know Your Potential Customer’s Intent: Get the lowdown on who’s actually interested in what you’re selling so you can spend more time closing deals and less time chasing ghosts.
  • Make the Most of Your Sales Efforts: Learn how to streamline your sales process and focus on the most likely converting accounts, making your team happier and more productive.
  • More Personalized Targeting From the Go: Discover how to tailor your messaging to each prospect’s unique needs and interests, making your outreach more effective and engaging.

Meet the Presenters

Amy Kautz

Director of Sales Enablement at SalesIntel

Amy Kautz came to SalesIntel three years ago as an Account Executive and after being an individual contributor, moved into the Sales Enablement role in July of 2022. She is a former English teacher, carried a bag and a quota for 15+ years as a seller and has an MBA with a focus in Marketing so Sales Enablement is a weird mashup of all of the things she has loved throughout her career. In her spare time, Amy is a devoted dog mom, avid home cook and a certified yoga instructor.

Chris Cicconi

Director of Sales & Business Development at Sherpa

A Kinesiology graduate, Chris is the prototypical “Accidental Salesperson”. Early in his career he was given an opportunity to start a new division and immediately fell in love with building and scaling organizations. From cold outbound to content creation and personal branding, Chris has learned to use every tool at his disposal (like intent data!) to help organizations grow in a quick and sustainable manner.

Drew Spitzer

Sales Leader at Orum

Drew is a former B2B SaaS SDR leader turned AE, currently working at Orum for the past year and a half. Expertise is in building and executive growth strategies. Dedicated to developing talent with a DEI focus. Drew has a passion for making data driven decisions that impact the entire sales team.

Matthew Roberts

Head of Sales Development at Mosaic

Matt Roberts is a sales dev leader with 6+ years of experience and who has had 2 successful runs of growing sales dev teams from 0 to 20+ reps in the $0-$15m ARR range. He cares about XDR career paths, growth, cold messaging, and sales rep mindset, and loves networking with people who are passionate about being strong coaches and leaders for their team!