Recap: Mastering Omnichannel Sales – Balancing Creativity and Efficiency Across Platforms

Emails piling up. Cold calls going to voicemail. LinkedIn messages lost in the digital shuffle.

Sound familiar? It’s a noisy world out there for both buyers and sellers, creating a challenging landscape where sales outreach often feels like shouting into the void from a maze of different channels.

But what if there was a way to cut through the clutter, book more meetings, and, dare we say, master the omnichannel sales? Join the charismatic Samantha Craig, Sales Leader at SalesIntel, the fascinating Dale Dupree, Founder & CEO at The Sales Rebellion, and the unbeatable Jeremiah Griffin, Head of Sales at The Sales Rebellion, as they unveil the game-changing sales strategies to master your outreach across platforms.

  • Unlock effective techniques for standing out and capturing attention across multiple channels, including LinkedIn.
  • Discover time-saving strategies for maintaining efficiency without sacrificing quality in your omnichannel sales efforts.
  • Understand the importance of harmonizing creativity and efficiency across platforms to drive meaningful connections and achieve sales success holistically.

Meet the Presenters

Samantha Craig

Sales Leader at SalesIntel

Samantha Craig joined SalesIntel last year to build out the commercial sales organization. She has over 10 years sales experience as both a sales leader and individual contributor. Prior to sales, Sam was a teacher and even taught English in South Korea. Outside of work, she enjoys times with her two daughters, husband, and golden retriever.

Dale Dupree

Founder at The Sales Rebellion

Sales Rebellion founder, Dale Dupree, is dedicated to disrupting traditional sales methods. Inspired by father’s legacy of integrity and service. Former “Copier Warrior” turned sales trainer. Believes in radically educating prospects, fostering community, and prioritizing people over deals. Leading a movement to elevate sales standards. Join the Rebellion.

Jeremiah Garcia

Head of Sales at The Sales Rebellion

From underperformer to overachiever, embraced The Sales Rebellion’s approach. Transitioned from 70% to 280% of plan, mastering the art of generating conversations and closing deals. Now leading as Head of Sales. Advocates for conversation-centric strategies amidst challenging market dynamics.