Recap: Go-To-Market Therapy: Nailing Your ICP in 2023

If you’re among the tens of thousands of companies struggling to build and close pipeline predictably in 2023, try a little go-to-market therapy! Join the first of several group therapy sessions as we dive into:

  • The 8 step process to make go to market simple for any size team
  • Why it’s so vital to move from TAM to SAM to Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) as a foundational step one in the process
  • How to combine and manage modern B2B intelligence in your CRM system to quantify your ICP (including its various cohorts and segments)
  • The ROI you can expect when you nail your ICP and bring focus to your go-to-market efforts

Join industry pioneer Sangram Vajre, founder of Terminus and author of the “Flip My Funnel” concept, and go-to-market veteran James Lamberti, a 7-time GM & CMO, as they walk through a real world case study that any size team can adopt and deploy for themselves.

Meet the Presenters


James Lamberti, CMO


Global Go-To-Market Executive helping B2B companies package complex solutions for a faster and easier sale. He has experience in large global companies (Experian, Clorox), and has been most successful helping growth start-ups scale $5m to $150m+ ARR (Applitools, comScore, InMobi, AdTruth, Conviva) leveraging my demand generation, product led growth, and ABM marketing expertise. Additionally extensive enterprise sales experience and go to market strategy expertise make him a valuable partner to CEO and CRO customers.


Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder and CEO

GTM Partners

Sangram ran marketing at Pardot (acquired by ExactTarget and then ExactTarget was acquired by Salesforce for $2.7B). Soon after, Sangram co-founded Terminus which hit $1M in the first year, $5 in the second, and $15M in the third year ranking 21st in Deloitte’s fastest-growing company, named back to back as one of the best places to work. Over 10M views of his content in just the last two years. Sangram has quickly become a go-to-market strategy expert and has been named as one of the top 21 B2B Marketing Influencers in the world by the DMN network.