Webinar Recap: Psychographic Intelligence – The Secret to Accelerating B2B Selling & Networking

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Have you ever had that prospect that you’ve done everything right with? They agree you’re the answer to their problems, but when it’s finally time to sign they come up with an excuse that’s something along the lines of “I’m just not feeling it”. As much as we’d like people to be rational, humans don’t always make decisions based on facts and analysis but often go with the choice that “feels” right.

The sales intelligence and data communities have been trying to fill this gap with accurate data, intent data and now with one of the newest data forms, psychographics. Join Rob Turley, leader at White Rabbit Intel, and Jason Hubbard, VP of Partnerships & Alliances at SalesIntel, as they explore what psychographic intel is, how to marry it with quality data, and how to leverage them to become a B2B selling master!

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • The Basics of Psychographic Intel
  • How to Find & Interpret Psychographic Intel
  • The Value of Psychographic Data Processing
  • Strategies for Using Psychographic Intel in Your Sales Process
  • Pairing Psychographic Intel with Reliable Buyer Data

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About Rob Turley & White Rabbit Intel

Rob T

Multi-faceted Designer • Entrepreneur • Strategic Relationship Builder White Rabbit Intel’s Co-Founder | Co-CEO | EVP Partnerships & Strategy Specialized in creating versatile products and innovative services for the ever-changing digital landscape. Builder of strategic partner relationships, expert at improving processes, business strategist, development expert and executive leader, who drives critical new growth.
Design mixed with entrepreneurialism is truly my passion. I strive to always create innovative technologies that have innovative, easy to use experiences, with interfaces that are both well designed and easily navigable (better known as “clean and modern”) for all forms of media. The future’s newest and bleeding-edge technology is how we are going to evolve as a species and is what I have dedicated my life to engineering the future to drive us all toward the brightest and most lucrative pathways within the ethical means of “people first.” “Design is a universal language, so why not speak to the world using both beautiful form and intuitive function?” – Rob Turley Rob was also awarded Intercon’s 2020 Top 50 Tech Visionary Award.

About Jason Hubbard & SalesIntel

Jason has literally grown-up in startups, including helping to grow three top 100 Inc. Fastest Growing Private Companies. Most recently, Cirrus Insight was number 41. He now serves as the VP of Partnerships and Alliances for SalesIntel.io. SalesIntel is the most comprehensive contact and company data provider that helps you target your ideal prospects and accelerate revenue growth.SalesIntel is the top provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data. With 95% accurate, human-verified contacts, 70+ Million machine processed data, and the most direct-dial contacts in the industry, SalesIntel is your resource for contact data. SalesIntel’s new method is to have every direct dial number and email tested and re-verified every 90 days. Our combination of automation and researchers allows us to reach 95% data accuracy for all our published contact data while continuing to scale up our number of contacts. With the most comprehensive contact & company data and our excellent customer service, SalesIntel is your partner in growth!