Tomorrow’s Marketplace: How Today’s Sellers Can Take Advantage


A GROWING DIVIDE exists between our past experiences, our “new normal” and the future it suggests. From home to the workplace, a general air of disruption seems to be the common thread that connects today’s world.

Tomorrow's Marketplace: How Today's Sellers Can Take Advantage

In order to better understand these phenomena and their impact on the business community, SalesRoads, a nationally recognized B2B Lead Generation and SDR Outsourcing Firm, surveyed 755 Sales Professionals working in the SaaS industry on the state of their businesses. Although only focusing on a portion of the economy, SaaS has proven to be an incredibly resilient vertical that includes giants such as Zoom Communications, Google, and Salesforce. Because of the sector’s diverse nature and astounding success, it’s reasonable to assume that results of this survey could be applied in a broader context to represent the hottest parts of the economy.