New Controls for SalesIntel Admins: Export Credit Limit

With SalesIntel’s newest release admins have more control over user exports. This is great for ensuring your CRM and email marketing platforms aren’t being overloaded with data and allows for better quality control. You can also ensure a fairly spread usage of credits within your team.

This release includes a new feature, Export Credit Limits, and updates to existing features:

  • Ability to limit number of exports by user
  • Easily add and remove users
  • Assign territories using Upload a List
  • Create and share company or contact lists with their team
New Feature: How to Manage Export Credit Limits

To access these permissions simply go to your Account Settings and then click ‘Credit Limits’. As a default, all of your users have an unlimited number of exports.* You’re also able to see how many export credits they’ve used. 

New Feature: How to Manage Export Credit Limits 1

* Unlimited exports is the default unless otherwise stated in your contract with SalesIntel. For questions please contact us via

Setting an Export Limit

The Export Credit Limits are reset at your contract renewal, but can also be updated or readjusted at any time. For example, you’ve limited Seth to 20,000 exports but he’s recently been asked to attend multiple conferences and needs to export his list of 15,000 target contacts to your CRM. Simply go back to the Export Credit Limit settings and raise is existing limit or update it to ‘Unlimited’ by removing all information from the field. Don’t forget to save your changes! 

You can set export limits by individual users or or multiple users. To set an export limit for one user simply find their name in the list, click in the field, enter the number of credits and click save. 

New Feature: How to Manage Export Credit Limits 2

To update multiple users at a time simply check the box next to their names, go to ‘Bulk Actions’, click ‘Export Credit Limit’ and then enter the value in the field. Select ‘Apply’ to update the users limits and then click ‘Save’ to keep your changes. It’s that easy! 

New Feature: How to Manage Export Credit Limits 3