Event Canceled – Increase Your Marketing ROI by nearly 200% with Targeted Data and Content

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Event Cancellation Notice

Thank you so much for your interest in our Summer Marketing Camp. Sadly we have to cancel the event at this time. We’ll be sure to let you know should we reschedule for a later date.

We’re hosting a happy hour summer camp for adults with RopeSwing to bring together local panelist Mike Paradis, Founder and CEO of Demand Chain, Susan Rylance, VP of Growth at Fahren, and our newest panelist Robert Casserly, Founder and CEO of RopeSwing and Agency Underground. They will share some best practices and experiences with using targeted data and content in their go to market strategies. The discussion will be moderated by Roger Fuhrman, Sales & Marketing Executive Consultant.

The B2B buying process continues to change every year. Having accurate contact data to fuel your sales machine is more essential than ever. Once you have that information you then need target content and messaging to reach those decision makers and a stellar creative team to break through the noise.


About Mike Paradis

Mike Paradis is a nationally recognized entrepreneur known for his expertise in business-to-business sales, marketing, service excellence and channel management. As a consultant, Mike worked with Cargill for 10 years on customer-centric projects and formed a partnership with Cargill’s founding family, the MacMillans, who shared his vision for creating the first consulting services company (BenNevis) dedicated solely to increasing the growth and profitability of businesses by providing a strategic customer-centric framework. As a natural extension of that CRM strategy work, Mike founded Demand Chain in 2001 to focus exclusively on CRM implementations. Initially platform agnostic, Demand Chain is now dedicated to the Salesforce CRM platform. As one of the Midwest region’s premier Salesforce Gold Partners, Demand Chain has successfully completed over 1,000 projects, helping hundreds of customers drive better business results through customizing their Salesforce platform.

Mike was previously executive vice president of GE’s Customer Relationship Solutions Division, where he helped build and lead their CRM system integration organization of 80 consultants.

About Susan Rylance

Susan has over 20 years of experience helping companies grow their marketing teams and has built a network of seasoned marketing and digital professionals across the country.  She began her professional recruiting career building Digital People, a marketing and digital recruiting company, where she grew it both locally and regionally to be a well-recognized and respected brand in the community. She was then asked to lead marketing for Atterro (parent company of Digital People) and it’s seven brands where she built a marketing team and strategy that helped in the strategic acquisition of Atterro.  

Rylance has helped many SMB and Fortune 500 companies build their marketing and digital teams allowing them to focus on their overall business strategies and goals.

About Robert “Bob” Casserly

Robert is overjoyed to be serving start up to fortune 500 companies with strategic brand initiatives. As a founding partner at Agency Underground, an “A” team of storytellers, designers, digital and technical creatives, he helps flush out your brands best story. He lives tech consulting with some of Gartner’s leading companies. Robert spearheaded market development efforts for CrashPlan/Code 42 Software, launching the winning enterprise marketing strategy growing revenue from 0 to over 30 million. He has served Apple, Genentech, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pandora, Oracle, Nike, Google, HP, Salesforce, Netflix, Evernote, Kraft, Los Alamos, NASA, Sandisk, Samsung and other companies. This model helped attract a 52M investment from Excel Partners. Bobby has devoted 20 years in leading marketing and product development efforts in technology. He was the founder and CEO of Talkingpoint – a digital marketing platform which attracted investors like Maveron – a VC firm founded Howard Schultz. The company sold to a private investment fund.

Bob served with the Minnesota Attorney Generals Office in both a legal and marketing capacity, and worked in education as the director of marketing for a private college. He is the father of 5 amazing girls, and because of this won a national ponytail tying contest. 

About Roger Fuhrman

Roger loves what he does! Roger is an entrepreneurial, innovative professional with demonstrated success in business development, global sales, market analysis, sales strategies, and marketing plans within diverse sectors and markets. He’s an analytical leader skilled in business process improvements, SaaS strategies, enterprise software, training and development, strategic planning, and problem solving. Flexible and adaptable with excellent interpersonal and communication skills to foster change, incorporate innovation, and implement strategies throughout all levels of the organization.

Seven years of International Experience. Including but not limited to; Denmark, Canada, Ireland, UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, and Australia.

Vertical Competencies include but not limited to; Higher Education, Healthcare, Legal, Fortune, K12, Non-Profit, Local, State and Federal Government, Hospitality, Retail, e-Commerce, Manufacturing, Finance, Software/Technology.

Expertise in P&L, SaaS, Compliance, Digital Accessibility, SEO and Analytics