SAS22 Empower On-Demand Sessions

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Welcome to SAS2022

SalesIntel’s CEO Manoj Ramnani kicks off the summit with insights into this year’s theme: Empower and what guests can expect to gain from the upcoming sessions. There’s a lot more to improving sales cycles and generating revenue than finding contact information fast.

Expert Panel: Battle of the Sales Methodologies

A sales methodology can be a key component of your process and overall success, but it can just as easily be what is blocking you and your team from winning. There are dozens of sales strategies that claim the best way to reach your prospects and ultimately “crush your quota”. This panel comprised of seasoned sales experts will unpack what is working for real sales teams right now and what leaders should consider in Q4 and beyond.

3-Step Marketing Strategy You Can Steal

A closed-loop, repeatable, measurable lead gen process is possible, and not as hard as it sounds. Proving ROI on these efforts gives marketing a seat at the table. Never show up to another meeting without the math. Walk away with a simplified 3-step strategy, actual case studies of proven marketing attribution in supply chain, and a financial template to power your decision-making.

Advanced Sales Tactics: Taking Your Career to the Next Level

Now is the time to take your sales career to the next level! Join Ronnell Richards and Carolyn Castellanos for this workshop to learn the steps to get from good to great. They’ll even take live questions to workshop real concerns sales reps face in our current market. What you will learn: – How to break through that glass ceiling to the next level – Ways to expertly navigate current struggles into wins – The path to advancing your sales career

4 Ways to Empower Your Sales Org

Sales empowerment goes beyond pizza parties and SPIFs. True empowerment and sales enablement starts with strategic alignment and is supported by its leaders. In this session, three sales leaders will talk about four ways you can set up your sales org for repeatable, long-term success.

Rapid Fire Best Practices: 20 Tips in 40 Minutes

Don’t miss 20 best practice tips to use SalesIntel to blow past their competitors. In this entertaining rapid-fire session, we’ll share go-to secrets from SalesIntel users who drive more pipeline and revenue every month. After this session, you’ll have new ideas for leveraging data for your business.

Pipeline Generation is a Team Sport

If you’re responsible for revenue, pipeline generation is always on your mind! But no one department or individual is responsible. And there is no formula to follow. It’s frustrating! We all feel it, then battle internally over who is responsible, who did what when, and who gets the credit. Who cares! Your team is better off focusing that energy on prospects and customers. This expert marketing panel will provide tips and strategies for GTM leaders to lead their teams to victory in 2023.

Keynote: The New Way of Measuring GTM for Efficient Growth

Revenue leaders have more access to data and performance metrics than ever before. Yet with major shifts in how we measure an organization’s success and previous GTM strategies not being as effective as before, many revenue leaders are asking “what’s next.” In this talk, GTM expert and leading author Sangram Vajre will unpack how to navigate the recent evolutions in 2023 and unveil how organizations should measure their go-to-market success.

Empowering Your Future

Join this session to learn from Manoj Ramnani, CEO, Lauren Kriesberg, VP of Product, and Wim de Nood, VP of Engineering what SalesIntel has in store to empower you with resources to fill your pipeline.

Email Deliverability Simplified: Stop Guessing Start Inboxing 

Marketers spend considerable time drafting engaging email copy, designing eye-catching email templates, and A/B testing subject lines. All of this effort and time, but the email marketing isn’t working? Without considering email deliverability, subscribers may never see the content. In this session, Ricky White, CEO and Founder of StartInBoxing, will share the steps to proper email deliverability, provide tips to monitor your email reputation, and offer a guideline to email content to ensure your emails deliver to your subscriber’s inbox.

Sales Play You Can Steal: An Intent Data Play that Doubled Our Sales

Never enough pipeline for your team? Learn how Bo Hamrick, VP of Sales, led his team to double their sales over the previous year with a data-driven sales play to increase net new sales, upsells in existing clients, and reduce churn.

Fireside Chat – Empowering Your Teams: Introducing the Demand Center to Drive Pipeline and Conversion

No team is an island. Pipeline is not marketing’s job. Pipeline is not sale’s job. Pipeline is not RevOp’s job. It’s everyone’s job. In this fireside chat, industry experts discuss the “demand center” concept and how to create repeatable success via a cross functional team that works together to build and close pipeline – then celebrate the wins!

Looking to 2023:Talk Data to Me

Data is constantly evolving. From Rolodexes to digital CRMs to work-from-home environments, how companies acquire and leverage business data has drastically changed. Chelsea Madden, VP Sales & Success, and Jon Gilbert, Bombora’s Head of Campaign Ops & Data Integrity, will unpack how data gathering and usage have evolved and what SaaS leaders need to know to better leverage B2B data in 2023.