Struggling with Lead Quality? 5 Tips from 50 Years of B2B Marketing Experience

Struggling with Lead Quality - Ebook

Lead scoring remains one of the eternal issues faced by go-to-market teams. Marketing teams want to always provide high-quality leads to the sales team, but finding the perfect lead-scoring methodology is balancing quality and quantity. For example, marketing will hit its goal of leads passed to sales, but the sales team could complain too many leads are low quality and a waste of time.

You’ve focused on quantity over quality. So, you switch the focus to quality and qualify leads as thoroughly as possible.

But, the balance shifts the wrong way, and the sales team complains they’re not getting enough leads and have to deal with inefficient outbound efforts to hit quota.

Sounds familiar? So, what can you do?

Let’s get into how you move from arguing over lead quality to higher, consistent revenue.