TitanHouse: Finding 50% More Prospects Using SalesIntel

About the Client

TitanHouse is a talent management and staffing firm specifically for sales professionals. The company uses its proprietary matching algorithm to help identify and connect the right candidates with the right companies. For recruiters, TitanHouse takes the guesswork out of the equation and accelerates the recruitment process by serving the right candidate to the recruiter. Recruiters don’t have to scrub through LinkedIn or go through hundreds of resumes to find a diamond in the rough, instead TitanHouse surfaces the perfect candidate for the position.

We had a nice long chat with David Segun, Business Development Representative at TitanHouse to learn about their experience using SalesIntel and the impact SalesIntel’s data platform had on their sales process. Here’s a brief excerpt:

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The Challenge

Before TitanHouse signed up for SalesIntel, the sales team at the company had been using ZoomInfo. As David explained, the data was sometimes outdated and he’d end up calling the wrong people which was a waste of both time and effort.

As he put it, “You haven’t worked at the company for three years but you’re still listed as working there. So now I am going through my due diligence. But when I call, I find out you no longer work there. A call only takes 15-20 seconds but they do eventually add up.” And when you factor in time spent doing pre call prep that times adds up even faster.

These kinds of frequent hiccups meant they couldn’t entirely rely on their data and it was about the same time that his CEO, who was familiar with SalesIntel, suggested his team try it out.

Smooth Transition, Seamless Workflow

After they signed up, the team went through a quick onboarding process about which David said “It wasn’t a big learning curve.. Very straightforward and intuitive.”

Once they started using SalesIntel, they quickly realized that it was much simpler to use, and provided a lot more information than they had before.

As David put it, “I have been using other data providers long enough and noticed an immediate difference.. How easy [SalesIntel] is to use, how user-friendly it is.. The info you have is way more detailed. You have cell phones, direct phones, other cell phones, personal email.. Makes my job a lot easier”

Having more information and a simpler tool meant the sales team could now reach more people and have a more efficient prospecting process.

Another thing David loved about SalesIntel is our Chrome extension RevDriver which he found very helpful when prospecting. In his own words, “The ability to directly export information from RevDriver to Salesforce and Outreach is great. It creates a nice cohesive workflow where I can use all three platforms in tandem. Saves a lot of time.”

More Data, More Prospecting, More Opportunities

For David, the key highlight of using SalesIntel is better data quality and coverage. He found the cell phone numbers we provide to be a game-changer for reaching the right people immediately.

As he pointed out, “The office phone, that can be a dead-end but the cell phone is a direct line of contact and makes the prospecting process a lot easier.”

Having more information and better workflow has allowed him to be more productive in his prospecting. Since he’s started using SalesIntel, he can prospect 2-3 more companies per day compared to 3-5 companies he prospected before, that’s roughly 40% improvement.

In terms of prospects, he used to get around 17-20 contacts per day depending on the size of the company and relevant profiles. The number has now jumped to 30 – a 50% hike.

Overall, signing up for SalesIntel has allowed the sales team at TitanHouse to have a more efficient workflow, reach more people and by extension, generate more opportunities. We look forward to our continued partnership and creating more synergy.