E-Core: Building a Sales & Marketing Engine Using SalesIntel


The Client

E-Core is an IT consulting and solutions provider that offers expertise in support and development to help its clients leverage different tools and software to create better processes, manage projects, and create superior environments for their customers.

We interviewed Fabiana Castro, North America Head of Marketing at E-Core, to learn about their journey with SalesIntel and how it’s impacted their sales and marketing efforts.

The Challenge

Headquartered in Brazil, E-Core entered the US market over a decade ago but never proactively chased new accounts and opportunities. They primarily relied on existing networks and recommendations to generate new business.

Their strategy changed a couple of years ago when they chose to shift gears and invest heavily in marketing and sales to build brand awareness and create new opportunities. For that, they needed a reliable data source that they could leverage to build sales and marketing operations at scale.

“We are among the leading tech companies in Latam, and quickly growing in North America, requiring our team to be competitive, for that matter it is essential-have quality data that can grow with our business proportionally,” Castro said.


Signing up for SalesIntel

As E-Core went around looking for a viable data solution, they shortlisted ZoomInfo and SalesIntel as the primary contenders. Eventually, more features and human-verified data at SalesIntel tipped the balance in our favor.

“We decided on SalesIntel because it was a platform, and we understood it has more features to use. And, we could gradually load the amount of data,” Castro said.

“I know a very relevant, very important fact to make the decision was human verification. That was the two main points of decision for SalesIntel instead of ZoomInfo.”

Given the scale of investment, E-Core was hesitant to get into a contract right away and instead took a 2-month POC (Proof-of-Concept) trial, but when the pandemic struck and market uncertainty grew, we offered an additional 2-month trial to alleviate any doubts and ensure they can fully leverage the data when they need it the most.

“Then COVID happened, and the organization was struggling to really keep the team and the business and everything strong. Proactively, SalesIntel understood the situation and extended the POC time. I think that was crucial for us to build trust. When a situation comes, your attitude will say a lot about you and about your company. I think SalesIntel’s attitude at the time was pretty sharp.”

Leveraging Data to Reach Ideal Buyers

As they started using SalesIntel, the first thing they realized was that they needed consistent support to get things right. Being a small team with little experience using a data platform, in-depth training and constant check-ins were needed to ensure they leveraged the true potential.

“As an organization, we didn’t buy only the platform, we bought the service more than anything because we needed it. Our team doesn’t have the bandwidth,” Castro explained.

“She [the SalesIntel Customer Success Manager] was doing some tutorials, she really dedicated time, she had a monthly agenda. SalesIntel found avenues to help more, support better, and really dedicate more attention to us who are [and need the support]. They are investing in those customers.”

Also, being in the tech space, E-Core has found the technographic data valuable to identify and reach buyers using specific tools that directly coincide with their ICP.

“One of our divisions is a Global partner channel of Atlassian. We sell the entire portfolio of Atlassian, and we do consultation and knowledge transfer. So, it was key to collect data at SalesIntel related to Atlassian. The technographic for us was really important to have, and the combination of that, the other demographic stuff was very important, very valuable.”

This allowed them to quickly scale their marketing efforts and while keeping the precision to their ICP.

”We grew the database of e-Core considerably, in one year increased 15x the original contact list size.”

With more data and better visibility of the market, E-Core drastically increased its reach in North America. They have achieved better brand recognition that they strongly believe will contribute to their demand gen efforts moving forward.