Yearly Data Decay Impacts Your Bottom Line

Yearly Data Decay Impacts Your Bottom Line

Contact data is alive. Every time someone changes jobs, switches phones, or moves their data changes which cause your current database to become inaccurate. Each year, normal life events cause 32% of data to decay and become out of date.

If you’re not regularly double-checking and updating your data then annual data decay compounds. On average, only 50% of records in any given database are correct.

Are you sending a sales email to an old lead? There’s a coin-flip chance of whether or not your email will bounce.

By wasting the time of the sales team on wrong phone numbers and bounced emails, you could be losing as much as $10.5K per sales rep each year. Instead of talking to actual prospects, money is being spent to talk to ghosts.

Regularly updating, cleaning, and double-checking your data is the only way to keep your data from decaying and wasting the time of your sales team. For example, SalesIntel re-verifies our contact data every 90 days to make sure it’s accurate before offering it to sales teams to purchase.

Taking the extra time to have clean data costs less than the cost of lost sales efforts and will always be worth it in the long run.